What You Should Know Before Buying The Ideal Golf Shirt

Although manufacturers may come up with their own terminology for golf shirt sizing , most of them adhere to the concept of offering two shirt cuts to fit the three most common male body types. Hence before investing on these shirts it is important to look at the body types these are designed for. First let’s  look at the two different types of shirt cuts that are  especially made to complement the three variants of body type.

Regular, traditional and standard fit – The relaxed and the regular fit gives you the  comfort and the mobility of a smooth swing . This fit has lower, and larger arm holes and the sleeves are baggy and prolonged than the slim fit golf shirts . The body of this shirt is wider with little or no taper to the waist. The body is also longer than the regular fit shirt .

Slim fit , tailored fit– This shirt has more of a higher and smaller arm holes. The sleeves are also tighter and shorter than the regular fit golf shirts . The body of this comparatively slimmer with tapered at the waist. Hence, it will definitely look flattering on a slim body type.

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The basic body types that it will complement are :

Ectomorphic body type, men with this type of body type tend to have a slim shoulder and waist. They tend to maintain this type of body type throughout their lifetime and the fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. The slim fit or tailored fit shirt will work well for this.

Mesomorphic body type , men with this type of body shape tend to have broad shoulders and narrow hips which looks like an inverted wedge shape. Men with this type of body type tend to put up muscle easily. The relaxed fit, and the tailored fit that accentuates  the broad shoulder.

Endomorphic body type , this type of body shape more or less tends to have rounded contours and have a tendency to gain weight around the muscles. The regular fit and the relaxed fit shirt works well for this type of body shape.

The different types of fabric materials that are used into the making of a golf shirt is really very important as it determines the performance level of the shirt. Made with polyester, spandex, elastane and cotton pique material there are variations in each of these shirts regarding the durability feature and the suitability of the activity type.

Some of the modern technology that has been infused in the shirt type are :

Four ways stretch– Generally the golf shirts are available with a two way stretch concept. But one of the popular manufacturers are producing custom golf shirts with a four way stretch technology . This means that both width and lengthwise the stretch will take place adhering to an easy movement during the activity.

Wicking technology– Moisture management or wicking helps to draw away the sweat away from the body hence evading the uneasy feeling or imbalanced inner and outer temperate.   These shirts are made with such types of fabric keeping in mind to evaporate the sweat away from the body hence keeping it germ free.

UV protection – A very important aspect of modern manufactured golf shirt. Since golf is an outdoor activity hence the shirt is especially made with fibers that are UV protected or with fabrics that have tighter yarn hole to protect from the sun’s rays.

Retailers can get in touch with one of the best golf shirt suppliers and have a look at their ever expanding catalog to get an idea of what they should include in their stock and shoot a mail to order the desired products.


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