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What You Should Know About Flannel Shirts Before Buying Them

Full Audio Version: What You Should Know About Flannel Shirts Before Buying Them

The flannels have been creating a buzz for quite a while. Made out of cotton or wool, it’s a soft woven fabric that offers a perfect stylish yet rugged look. Coming in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they serve as a great addition to your wardrobe, especially during fall. Being cool, comfortable, and quite versatile they are a favorite among many. A distinguished flannel shirts supplier provides a magnificent collection of amazing flannel shirts that are worth checking out!

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How to style flannel shirts?

Want some flannel shirt outfit ideas? Follow the tips given below!

  • When you are over 50

If you are someone who has crossed 50, make sure you always choose the check versions over the plain ones and pair them with dark color trousers. This will make you look younger.

  • Layer it up

Love to layer? Well, you are going to like this idea. Go for an extraordinary yet casual attire move. Team your flannel shirt with a white tee. If you feel hot then simply tie it around your waist. For warmer climate choices, find a short-sleeve flannel shirt.

  • With jeans

A classic combination is a pair of black jeans and a flannel shirt! If you want to give an edgy vibe then make sure that you try this look. Even blue jeans aren’t so bad.

Flannel shirt rules

If you are thinking of wearing a flannel shirt, it is mandatory to follow the rules.

  • Reserve white and cream shades for summers, dark grey, and green for winters, brown specifically for fall.
  • Don’t wear that flannel shirt that doesn’t fit you right.
  • No need to close the top button.
  • In order to highlight your arms and make them look attractive, roll up the sleeves.
  • Keep the rest of your attire laid-back and low-key as the flannel shirt itself is quite eye-catching.
  • With neutral and simple color attires, pair bold prints and patterns.
  • Wear the flannel shirts in smart-casual settings. Think about a cozy, nice get-together or some house-warming party, or a casual outing with friends. While the plain flannel versions give a sharp look, the check styles have a laid-back, casual feel attached to them.

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Colors of flannel shirts

The flannel shirts are today available in various attention-grabbing colors like:

  • Grey flannel- for a polished look

For events that require you to have a polished look, such as evening drinks with friends or lunch dates, grey flannel is truly the best bet. To sport the right look, go for light checks or a single hue.

  • Green flannel- for that chilled-out appearance

The green flannel shirts have a chilled-out vibe about them. They look way cooler than the other colors as they often come with navy or deep blue checks. Men having pale skin look great in them!

  • Red flannels- in check styles always

The red flannels are known to look better in check styles. The ones with the less dark tone of red or those that feature black checks create a cool, rock star look. They can bring the best out of you when you partner them with skinny black jeans, a black tee, and some quality boots.

  • White flannel- known for versatility

For anyone who loves light colors, white flannel shirts are unbeatable. They make the material appear lighter weight, lightening the outfit. White as the base color with something simple as blue or grey as the checks on the flannel shirt makes the look an exceptional one. White, being a versatile color, you can pair such a shirt with anything you like!

  • Black flannel- with large and bold checks

The bold and large checked black flannel shirts give a certain edge to the look. Best suitable for the rough and tough guys, they look hot when paired with black jeans and black low-top sneakers. You can also consider going for one with a gentle pattern or no pattern at all, teaming with dark blue jeans.

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