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Unique Ways You Can Transform Your Everyday Workplace Outfit

If you’ve never, then now is the time to experiment with your workplace outfits. The good old t-shirt is perfect for creating a classic statement in the workplace. Especially if everyone has constricted their idea of workplace fashion to blues and greys.

In fact one of the popular wholesale clothing distributor has come up with a unique variant you can definitely have a look at. Thus, explore in the blog below the unique ways you can style the t-shirt for the workplace.

Oversized Love

The best way to adorn t-shirts with your outfit is by pairing it with an oversized blazer. All you need to do is opt for an oversized double breasted blazer and a fitted flannel trouser. You can simply opt for a classic band graphic t-shirt or choose a blingy variant to create a statement. For the shoes, you can either opt for a similar glitter vibe or make way for velvet !

Cropped Classic

Cropped t-shirts might be a big no-no for the office. However if you play a trick chances are that your HR won’t even realize that you’re flouting the dress code. Simply opt for a pair of high waisted classic jeans and a cropped white t-shirt with embroidery along the hemline. For the layer wear you can simply add a trench coat to make it workplace appropriate.

Lazy Day

An oversized tee paired with leggings can be your solution for a comfortable workplace outfit. All you need is white oversized tee that can be paired with a pair of dark earthy toned leggings. For the accessories all you need is a pop colored wide belt with gold buckle.

Oversized Obsession

Sometimes you have to work on the weekends as well. Hence, why not experiment with the outfit with the help of some quirky clothing pieces. All you need is an oversized graphic tee which can be tied into a knot around the waist. For the pants, it will be advisable to stick to cropped fitted flannel pants to complete the look.

Business owners who wish to include wholesale shirts & kids clothing wholesale in their store can simply contact one of the popular manufacturers for the same. All you need to do is have a look through the large clothing collection, select the required pieces and drop a mail to state the bulk needs to the help team.