Trends From Last Decade That You Can Style With A Classic Shirt

The best way to style your outfits is by combining the classic clothing with the trendy pieces. This way you can create unique style which is perfect for the 2020 sartorial lookbook. Since the last 10 years, global fashion has been through a dramatic transformation.

One of the popular private label shirt manufacturers have come up with an exciting assortment if fashionable shirts that are perfect for your wardrobe. Let’s find out more about the same.

  1. The skinny jeans and high heels style was super popular amongst the women back then. It created an effortless style that was versatile and super comfortable as well. Therefore, if you wish to style it as part of your 2020 outfit, select an oversized white shirt that can be worn with a pair of medium wash skinny jeans.
  2. The model off-duty look was an easy formula for everyone to replicate. All you need to do is opt for fitted pants oversized jacket and ankle length boots to complete the look. In this case, you can simply layer your outfit with a white shirt. Instead of opting for a classic white shirt you can simply opt for a cropped variant that can be worn with the outfit.
  3. Street wear rose to fame back in 2013 and spread like a wildfire. People were increasingly opting for this style for its sheer versatility and the fact that it was effortless and all that you need to switch looks from day to night. White shirt was an essential part of the street wear style and was often styled with sweatshirts to create a classic attire.
  4. If there was one trend that was adored by all, then it definitely has to be the maximalist style. Think about the bold prints, ornamental accents and quirky details that should be the part of your look. Hence, you can simply combine the white shirt with the maximalist outfit that can be worn in unique ways. For example you can definitely wear a white shirt with a studded leather skirt and velvet heels.

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