Top 4 Rules to Remember When Wearing a Denim Shirt

Full Audio Version: Top 4 Rules to Remember When Wearing a Denim Shirt

Denim is one of the most commonly worn fabrics in the world today. An exceptionally tough fabric, denim is traditionally associated with outdoor work. Initially worn by the cowboys and the laborers for centuries, its popularity reached heights after World War II as urban Americans started bringing denim home. Made from a sturdy, twilled cotton fabric, denim, the denim shirts wholesale is really something! A denim shirt isquite a stylish piece of clothing but unfortunately it is an option that few men consider as most men are not sure how to style a denim shirt.

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You can stylishly and confidently rock a denim shirt if you follow a few basic rules. But before getting to that part, let’stake a look at the few things that you should know about these casual collared shirts!

How to measure the formality of men’s denim shirts?

Denim shirts are always casual due to their outdoor work origins and rough texture. However, some denim shirts are found to be more formal than others.

By examining the collar, you can easily tell how formal a denim shirt is! Shirts often with floppy collars and buttons are more casual than collars with structure.

The last thing to check is the shirt’s wash when determining formality. Washes in colors other than blue, distressed washes, light washes are going to be more casual. If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering how to get classy wholesale denim shirts then make sure to contact a prominent shirt distributor today!

Difference between denim and chambray

There are many men who get confused between the denim and the chambray shirts and that’s okay as in the first look, they both appear quite similar. After all, both are typically blue and have workwear origins.

But how to know the difference then? Well, just keep in mind these 3 points.

  • While denim is created from a twill weave, chambray is made with a plain weave.

  • Denim feels rough and heavy while chambray feelssoft, light.

  • Chambray fabric has a sheen to it which is absent in denim.

Which rules to remember when wearing a denim shirt?

  • If a denim shirt has a well-structured collar and is made from smooth, thin fabric, you can wear it with a suit and a tie. Make sure to go for such a denim shirt for formal or semi-formal occasion.

  • No, never wear jeans with a matching denim shirt. It’s not a good look. The problem isn’t wearing double denim but wearing the same color denim on top and the bottom halves.If you still decide to go for the “double denim” look, see to it that you wear different colors of denim or at least a noticeably different shade!

  • Thinking of which color pants to wear with your denim shirt? Grey, olive green or tan pants are all good choices as they are neutral colors. Neutral colors are great as they go with almost anything.Avoid wearing pants that closely but don’t exactly match the color of your shirt.

  • If you prefer wearing a watch with your denim shirt then go for a simple casual men’s leather belt watch and if you are someone who prefers wearing a tie with denim shirt then go for a cotton tie or a casual knit wool.

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