Tips For Styling Men’s Shirt Into Women’s Wear

There’s something irresistible about putting on a man’s shirt and looking stylish with the right accessories. The process of turning an ordinary piece of man’s apparel into an extra-ordinary piece of clothing creates a lot of trendy outfits. Nowadays, manufacturers are selling wholesale men’s shirt of distinctive types that can be incorporated into different women’s clothes. Therefore, ladies who have no qualms in dressing up in a man’s shirt should go through the blog to know about the ways a man’s shirt can be styled as a woman’s outfit.

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1. A pair of skinny jeans and a belt is a super easy way to style a shirt for a casual day out . Extra points for choosing a hot belt that is chic and complements the color of the shirt. Boots especially in leather is a really great option to consider with this look.

2. Knot the shirt around your waist a little above the belly button. Wear it with a pair of olive green jeans or cargo pants to create a bare midriff, a very sassy approach to styling the shirt. Accessorize it with leather strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

3. Do you know you can create a strapless mini dress with a man’s shirt? That’s right! Button up the shirt without the sleeves and twist it around your waist and tie it around in a knot on the front. You can either wear it with denim shorts or leave it as it is depending on the length of the shirt.

4. Wear a men’s long white loose fitting shirt and solid black leggings with a belt around the waist. Knee high boots are the perfect shoes to create a city-girl look. Don’t forget to carry a tote bag and you’ll definitely feel like a woman ready to conquer the world.

5. If you want to feel like a boss lady, then you might as well look like one. Tuck a plaid pattern shirt with a pencil skirt and you’ll definitely turn heads in the board room. Team it up with glossy high heels to provide a finesse to the outfit.

6. The last but not the least, this is probably the easiest attire to put together . All you need is a pair of well worn jeans, a tee and a men’s shirt. Create a layered look by wearing the shirt over the top with the buttons open. An easy , simple and a functional look to help you through the day’s errands.

Wearing a man’s shirt and styling it is considered by most women to be really daunting but hopefully the above given ideas will act as a cheat sheet for them. Retailers can contact one of the best men’s shirt manufacturers and get hold of the customer care team to order bulk men’s shirt in best prices.


Tips For Styling Men’s Shirt Into Women’s Wear