The Most Happening Men’s Dress Shirt Colors Worth Trying

Full Audio Version: The Most Happening Men’s Dress Shirt Colors Worth Trying

According to reports, for most men, choosing the color of the dress shirt seems tricky. Even though you want to look your best and stand out in the crowd, most of you face issues when it is about style and fashion, often getting stuck in the details. Giving importance to the fit and fabric, you focus little on the shirt color.

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You don’t need to be a personal stylist or a fashion designer to know which dress shirt colors will look best on you. All you have to do is continue reading this blog!

Eye-soothing pale blue

Pale blue is one of the most eye-soothing colors when it comes to dress shirts. Though not really that versatile but yes, it definitely goes well with some colors like browns, whites, khakis, greys. Light blue dress shirts can be easily paired with a lot of clothing pieces. It also suits any skin color tone. But, if you have a pale pink skin tone then a light blue dress shirt will look great on you! During summers, you can pair it with white pants or khakis. In the cooler weather, you can wear it under your favorite sweater. One of the most renowned custom shirt manufacturers in USA offers smooth, smart flexible dress shirt customizing options!

Army green

A medium green color that gives off a simple yet masculine vibe is the army green color. When you are choosing this color, make sure you remember these two things:

  • As it is closely associated with military green, you should make sure at all costs that there isn’t much green or brown in the rest of your attire.

  • Since it is often considered more casual, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it at your workplace or other formal settings. Of course, you can! But a suggestion would be to let it be at home when it’s about that colleague’s wedding.

Classic white

An all-time classic, the go-to color in men’s dress shirts is white. Why? Because of its versatility. It doesn’t matter which color sweater, pants, or shoes you are wearing, as a white dress shirt will always manage any flaws, making you look perfect. This color is quite a preferred one! You can effortlessly style a white dress shirt with a black suit or a blue suit or a burgundy suit as well. As it goes with pretty much anything, you can pair it with anything you want. One of the most sought-after men’s dress shirts wholesale suppliers brings a marvelous collection of classy dress shirts in cool colors, including white.

The light shade of grey

A good alternative to white is grey. A tip here would be to go for the light grey shade always if you are looking for the ultimate sophistication and ease. Darker grey shades of men’s dress shirts can be tough to style especially with sweaters, jackets, and other well-known layering pieces.

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