The Most Exciting Trends In Men’s Shirts For 2019

Shirts are among of the most integral parts of men’s wardrobes around the world. Considered the most basic clothing essential along with trousers by shirt manufacturers, shirts can make or break a look because when worn right they can highlight striking features and hide flaws. Appropriately picked shirts are ideally slim and compliment the characteristics of the body. Shirts can be worn alone and they can also be teamed up with coats, jackets and cardigans. Presently the men’s shirt segment is at a very exciting cross roads and the following trends in men’s shirt are likely to dictate 2019.

Classically Checkered

It has been quite a while since checkered shirts stopped to be the trait only youngsters and now these shirts are loved by men across all age groups. Several big brands fashion houses and shirt manufacturing company are scaling up production and launching exciting checkered shirts in the market in all shapes and sizes, for all ages and all purposes. Better check for checkered in your wardrobe for the class of 2019, if you don’t want to fade out in fashion oblivion.

Sensational Stripes

Striped shirts are always classic, particularly with regards to their exacting cuts. In the setting of present day style, stripes can be anywhere and in any form on the fabric of the shirt since fashion innovation, experimentation and acceptability is at an all-time high.

Dynamic Denims

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, denims just can’t go out of style. And for the class of 2019, they remain very much in trend. Denims have come a long way since being used as uniforms for workers in the very beginning, before capturing the imagination of the masses and becoming a staple in wardrobes across all genders and age groups around the world. You can source your denims from wholesale shirt supplier or retailers and pair them denims with t-shirts, jerseys, pullovers and even cardigans.

Black & White

As per industry insiders, men’s wardrobe will forever remain incomplete without quality black and white shirts. Black is an all time crowd favorite and can be worn on any occasion and can be teamed up with anything and the same applies to the universally loved white shirt which needs to be a stole in your wardrobe if it isn’t already!

Vintage Vogue

For the class of 2019, color options have been renewed with a very exciting palette of brilliant, rich, thick shades. For this particular trend, the colors on option are as such and vibrant as with women clothing trends for the class of 2019. The most prevalent hues in mens shirts are expected to be white, profound dark blue, gray, brown with red notes and purple.


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