Striped Shirts and T-Shirts Are the Unsung Heroes of Our Wardrobes

We are always busy doling out recognition and acclamation may be for the little black dress, the printed maxi skirt, the satin gown, or the distressed blue jeans. But have we ever moved our concern over the striped shirt or t-shirt which is equally versatile and useful to our style quotient? The classic design of stripes helps to dress down or up, too much or complete casual, party like or strictly formal with a little twist , and one must place a lot of importance to them for the obvious reasons of being uniquely fashionable, and out of the box. Stripes might be a very old print, but they have been in the fashion scene since time immemorial, be it through the casual tees or the formal shirts.

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Be it the horizontal, vertical or the chevron stripes, the vintage striped shirts and t-shirts are closet must haves and every fashion conscious woman must own them to add balance and poise to their closets. The classy wholesale striped shirts are welcoming for the social ambience, whereas the tees are equally invigorating for the casual and party outings.

Wondering what are the reasons why stripes hold a important position? Here are the reasons.

Your overall gets a companion

Is your favorite denim overall feeling left out in the corner of the wardrobe for you don’t understand how to style it? Nothing can replace the beauty which the denim overalls get combined with the striped tees. Hence, striped tee is definitely necessary to have a place in your wardrobe for the sake of the simple looking smart dungaree you own.

The badass fusion of stripes and leather

You cannot deny the incomparable and badass combination and fusion which is possible through the high contrast stripes and leather. Be it the leather boots , or the leather jacket or may be the leather leggings, the stripes add a lot of funk and edge to the leather clothing pieces , and result in a very high definition style statement.

Consider black and white stripes as neutrals

Apart from the nudes and neutral shades, the black and white stripes can be considered as the neutral prints and you can wear them easily with any colored outfit. Wear them with bright or muted ones, the stripe shirt or t-shirt would look highly preppy and put together.

The promises chic Parisian look

Who doesn’t want to look peppy Parisian? If you are one of them, then you need to get hold of the striped tee, and wear it with anything, teamed with heels and the contrasting colored fedora hat.   Stripes thus help you get the much coveted chic Parisian look, and make you ever ready with of beat dressing appeal for any occasion.

Best way to mix prints

Mixing prints is the newest trend in the global fashion scene , and   the all rounder wholesale striped shirts and t-shirts are the best way to bring about a clash of textured when mixed and worn with other prints. The stripes lend a lot of poise to a get up when you fuse prints, and because they act as neutrals, they gel up well with any patterns or motifs quite effortlessly.

Breaks formal monotony

When it becomes boring to wear the same old single colored formal shirts, the striped business shirts or dress shirts are the ones which help to break from the monotony.


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