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Sporting A Polo Shirt When Attending A Wedding

People often admit that wedding dress codes aren’t as simple as it seems. You need to take care of a lot of things to appear your best going to that close friend’s wedding.

However, if there is no dress code and a polo shirt is what you have in your mind then make sure that trying to stand apart in the crowd, you don’t end up becoming a victim of a major fashion faux pas!

Polo shirts are meant for a smart-casual appearance but yes, they can be worn to light-themed scorching summer weddings as the heat would make it impossible to wear a long-sleeve button-down, though a wise decision will always be the latter made out of breathable fabrics.

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The polo shirt rules here to memorize

Okay, so once you have confirmed with your friend about the dress code and found that there is none, these are the 5 key rules that you should follow next:

  • As already mentioned earlier, polos are primarily meant as a smart-casual clothing item. Large logos or huge brand names have lately come to be associated with them but a safe bet is always to keep things simple, even though the brand name looks tempting and flaunt-worthy. Always opt for those polo shirts that have minimum branding, like a small logo. It should be one single solid color with a little logo on it, especially when it’s about attending a wedding.
  • Avoid bold and bright colors such as green, orange, hot pink, etc, and choose a nice neutral color. Beige, olive green, navy blue, and off-white are great options. Yes, they do give a formal appearance but then, they are a lot easier to pair with other clothing pieces that you are going to throw on. Vibrant colors will make you look way too casual, not wedding-ready. One of the most reputable polo shirt manufacturers brings such a wholesale range that can be seen in interesting and eye-soothing colors!
  • Your goal should be to make the polo the perfect balance of casual and formal, while you are free to make the other items as formal as you want. Make sure to ignore the jeans. The polo shirt and jeans combination will set you apart from the rest, but not in a very positive way. No, chinos won’t do you any good either. The best option will be dress slacks. Go for the ones that are constructed out of a comfortable and breathable material.
  • To make it more wedding-appropriate, layer your polo shirt with a sophisticated sports coat or blazer. To beat the heat, once again, go for something that is made with lightweight, breathable fabrics.
  • Wearing a polo shirt, never dare not give any importance to your footwear, after all, it’s a wedding you are going to. Suede loafers are the best among all.

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