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Smarten Up With Striped Polo Shirts!

Want to give up your usual feminine clothing for a while? It is time to try out something not-do-girly, yet look charming. Polo shirts connoting style and comfort top the fashion arena in every season. With retailers and business owners sprucing up their collection with a wide variety of polo shirts, striped polo shirts are exquisitely capturing the fashion scene today for women.

Let’s explore the various ways to put on these outfits banking on the occasion:


Who said you have to only wear boring shirts for a formal event? Go for horizontally striped polo shirts in colour combinations of blue-white. Black-white, or beige-white etc. Keep in mind to go for subdues colours and team it up with a blazer. Accessories should be minimal, with the proper formal shoes and wrist-watch


If the event is a semi formal one, go for solid coloured stripes with a little more space between them.  Couple it up with short waist jackets or cardigans. Also, instead of putting on trousers, slip into single-coloured pencil skirts with boots as your footwear.


Bored of your dresses for partying? Deck yourself up with colorful striped polo shirts, with a glittery mini skirt, or velvet ones. Go for junk ornaments and pencil heels or wedges. Wear red plastic and get ready to amaze ever one. Retro stripes are in vogues for evening parties.

Day Outs

Lean on striped polos for your day occasions like trips, poolside parties, lunch or brunch dates, movies etc . Go for skinny denims with diagonal stripes in polos with sneakers. Also you can pair them up with wide legged trousers or palazzos . Even denims or capris with gallace look cool and casual with striped polos.

Hit The Beach Or The Gym

Going for a vacationing to the beach? Do not forget to pack funky coloured striped polos. Wear them with your denim or cotton shorts with slippers or chinos. Go for peppy ear rings and stylish goggles.  If it is all about your work out sessions, look smart with striped polos as your active wear. Wear tights with broad striped ones, and let all the glances are at you!

Striped polo shirts ensure style, comfort and a smart look very easily. Women who want to come out of the routines box can definitely try them for every occasion. Retailers and business owners are collecting them in piles to meet the increasing demand.