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 It is no secret that today, wholesale shirts manufacturers are offering plethora of quality options in their stock. Although these many varieties might seem very lucrative in the first stance, it often leads to confusion for the small business owners. And when ignorant of the customers’ needs and demands, the confusion multiplies.

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MythsThere are some misconceptions, if not myths, among small business owners- (I) they should stock as many varieties as possible; (II) Customization option is irrelevant when wholesale shirts manufacturers are offering nearly every possible varieties.

Deciphering the myths

Yes, ‘stocking large’ is important; but ‘stocking smartly’ is even more important. There’s no guarantee that so many varieties would necessarily be demanded by your customers; and even it does, there is no telling that your whole stock will drain out before getting outdated. And when buying all the types of shirts, you are, indirectly, reducing your profit margin.

Solution– the simple, best and most recommended solution is that you understand the needs and demands of your customers. But again, if you are in this business for long, you would know that it’s easier to say than done. So you can root to different ways which could help you to high extent.

(I) get to know the current and persisting trend in both women and men’s fashion world. Be observant to what celebrities are wearing the most; for most of the trend begins from them;

(II) Different festivals and seasons give rise to the need of specific type of shirts or tops every time. Like hooded shirt would be demanded the most during winter, while print polo would be a favorite of summer. During Christmas and thanksgiving people would ditch sublimated shirts and root for something more formal and classic like linen and plaid shirts; while during Halloween printed tees and shirts, with spooky texts and graphics, would fly high;

(III) Take customers’ feedback out-rightly; this would help you the most. Make note of what they were looking for and didn’t get and also if there’s any changes they would like to see in the shirts they already bought. Honest feedback can help your business run miles in the future.

Customizing efficiently

Like mentioned already, wholesale shirts manufacturers are offering many varieties; from polo to tees, linen to plaids and hooded to sports, all in different colors, design and materials. The availability of these many options might make small businesses very reluctant in using the customization option. But the truth is that there’s always room for improvement and better customer satisfaction.

Customers’ feedback would make you aware of their specific needs and you can capitalize on that with customizing your stock. You can choose right from the kind of materials your wholesale should be made of, the color, design, collar type, pocket size and even the kind of buttons it carries.

And when all is said and done and you have taken this rather laborious step of customizing your order, you will esteem high in your customer’s view. They will love you for meeting their tiny and specific needs and will stick to your business for a long term. But for that to happen, you first need to contact the wholesale shirts manufacturers who offers an extensive customization option in the first place.