Plus Size Shirts Are Trending In the Fashion Scene

Curvy women often dread a lot about the clothing they generally wear. This gives less scope to them in terms of experimenting with their look. If you want to look casual yet stunning, then definitely consider on wearing shirts. Symbolizing versatility and comfort, shirts ensure rendering poise to your figure. There was a time then shirts used to sound quite boring and monotonous. But with time, these outfits have become quite voguish, especially in plus size clothing. With the ever increasing demands, retailers are also banking on top-class wholesalers and distributors to rev up their stocks and get an amalgamation of the latest trends and designs. With shirts becoming an important part of wholesale plus size womens clothing, retail outlets are witnessing more sales in this category.

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If you are a first-timer in trying out a shirt, then you should follow the latest market trends.  Below are few latest styles in plus size shirts for women:

Plain solid colors

To look stunning and gorgeous in any party, slip into plain and solid colored plus size shirts sans any detailing or design. These items have front buttons or chest pockets. Colors like black, shades of green, orange, red, blue looks ravishing.  It is better to go for dark colors to get a slimmer tone of your figure and a cutting edge. But definitely, you can go for lighter shades in pink or blue, and obviously the color white to wear with contrasting dark colored bottoms. This will provide a proper shape to your hips and make you look smart, yet elegant.

Experiment with designs

If you are bored of the plain ones and looking forward to a little variety, then go for prints and patterns. The one that is very much on vogue presently is the flannel checked patterns. These checks come in matte shades of blues, blacks, reds etc. Moving away from checks, how can one not like the runway trend of tribal and abstract prints today? The complex tribal prints come in variant hues and also in monochromes. From black and white to red and yellow, you will have a variety to pick from. There are few pieces in wholesale plus size womens clothing which are knitted at the collars or the chest portions. Embellishments and thread works also adorn plain single colored shirts elegantly. Encrusted with studs at the collar, these ones look gorgeous in dark colored shirts. The plain shirts look good with colored outlines, carrying a classy yet simple appeal.

Style accordingly

Go for experimentation when it comes to slipping into plus size shirts. If you are wearing a printed one, then go for monochromatic tights or denims. If the shirt is plain and simple, then go for patterned bottoms. Also, you can sport scarves with jackets or cardigans. Talking about sleeves, you can fold them up to wear a casual look. If you want to experiment something fresh, then wear a shirt with a contrasting colored camisole beneath and keep few buttons on the top open. This will definitely look modish. Tuck in flannel shirts with distorted shorts and pair them with sneakers to get a very cool and smart look.

Apart from the above three factors, there are more littlie detailing that you must abide by:

While choosing the fabric, go for a variety. Pick up flannel for winters, whereas synthetic or silk , or plain cotton for the other seasons,

Ensure proper fitting of your shirt. Don’t wear too tight or extremely loose. Keep it casual!

Try to pick up shirts of long lengths to cover your hips and hide extra flab around it.

Shirts being very adaptable clothing enables you to wear at any occasion, be it formal, semi-formal or casual. Curvy women can wear the right size shirt to look glamorous at any event or party with the right accessories. Retailers are bringing in more variety in wholesale plus size womens clothing to match well with the demands of the customers.


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