How To Wear A Men’s Floral Print Shirt?

Full Audio Version: How To Wear A Men’s Floral Print Shirt?

A floral print shirt is a casual yet beautiful item. They are a trendy piece of clothing perfect for backyard hangouts, pool parties, and vacations. In fact, over the years, they have evolved from just the tropics to native American, English, and African floral prints. A well-known shirt distributor keeps a trendy collection of print shirts, including eye-soothing florals.

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Unfortunately, there are still many men who think of floral print as a feminine print but that is not how it is. This fresh, sober print looks great on guys as well. Yes, floral print is indeed a territory that is quite hard to visit, but that doesn’t mean that you should not try them.

Though this print has long been considered as women’s wear but times have changed and these shirts have also been in line with men’s outfits. If you still aren’t sure or get intimidated by it then don’t worry, this easy guide will help you with how to wear a floral print shirt in a sophisticated manner.

Rules to remember

To be on the safe side, you need to follow these rules.

  • You should wear duller plus darker tones in winters while you should go for lighter but brighter tones in summers.

  • When you are wearing a floral print shirt, the rest of your clothing outfits should be plain.

  • This print doesn’t go with all the occasions so be careful with the setting.

  • Never wear two different floral prints together. Even though the contrast seems great to you, just don’t. If

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Which tips to follow to pull off a floral print shirt?

With new prints and designs popping up regularly in the market, some options will best suit your style and blend in well with the rest of your wardrobe. Be daring to explore and experiment by mixing different prints and patterns. Consider the following tips when you buy and style a floral print shirt.

  • To make sure that you don’t look awkward when you wear the shirt, ensure that the shoulder seams line up to your shoulder.

  • Always pick breathable, natural fibers like cotton and linen, if you want a shirt that will be suitable for most climates.

  • Go for a shirt design that will be ideal for your body. Once you have decided which floral print shirt will best suit your persona, be carefree, go out and have fun.

  • Keep it tucked in if you want to look street-style sharp, when out on a vacation, especially on a beach.

Ways to effortlessly style a floral print shirt

Thinking about how to pair it well and grab maximum attention? Read on.

  • With the red shorts and cool shades

Floral prints are simply superb for the spring season. Remember to match the color of your floral print shirt with your bottom wear. You can consider picking red shorts. Add some nice shades to the look and you are all set for the pool party!

  • Partner with ripped jeans

Have plans to go out of town? Wear your floral print shirt with ripped jeans. When it gets too hot outside, you will get the ventilation you need.

  • Add a bomber jacket

Think floral print shirt and bomber jacket. This outfit is just the best for random gigs and weekend gateways. You can wear it simply with the chinos but then, it gets boring. Add a bomber jacket as a top layer. It will make you look smart and stylish.

  • With a white tank top

Consider wearing a floral print shirt with a white comfortable tank top. Leave the shirt unbuttoned. On those hot and humid days, a tank top is a practical option to be a great substitute in place of a tee. As for the footwear, get nice black sandals for a relaxed look.

  • Blue florals with loose Bermuda shorts or cropped jeans

Heading to the BBQ session or towards the beach to chill out with your friends? Dare to look different from the rest. Throw on a blue floral print shirt and combine it with a pair of plain, light brown, and loose Bermuda shorts or cropped white jeans. This kind of outfit gives off chilled-out vibes and that is why you should go for this look!

As a retailer or business owner, if you wish to get an innovative men’s shirt collection of your own then get in touch with only the most famous among the custom shirt manufacturers. Write a mail to the design team, sharing your unique design plans, and get your order delivered sooner than expected!

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