How to Create a Gorgeous Flannel Dress Out of Your Old Flannel Shirt

There is no girl on this planet who doesn’t love to undergo a beautiful transformation, and when you have an old flannel shirt in your closet that you are planning to throw away, you can do a lot with it! Do you know that in little to no time, it’s very much possible to turn it into a brand-new flannel dress?

All that you need here are:

  • A flannel shirt
  • 3/4’’ elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotatory cutters or fabric scissors
  • Iron

Note:  Make sure your shirt is a bit oversized and loose so that you can conveniently button up the front.

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6 steps to create magic!

All set? Now get ready to turn into Cinderella by following these few easy steps:

  • Cut straight across the top of the flannel shirt a few inches below the collar. Keep in mind that the lower or higher you cut will affect the dress’s length. Ensure to cut as close to the collar’s bottom as possible if you are looking to keep a bit of length in the dress.
  • Turn the shirt inside out and fold over the edge of the freshly-done cutting (11/4’’), from start to finish. While doing it, you will see that it’s pretty easy to do this both at the front and the back, but when it comes to the sides, as in right below the arms, this becomes a little hard. It will look a bit thick once you fold it, but that’s fine. When you add the elastic, it will get scrunched up, so it will not catch your or anyone’s eyes once finished.
  • With a 1/4’’ seam allowance, sew around the top. Just make sure to leave a 1’’ opening to add the elastic.
  • Take your shoulders’ measurement where you plan the dress to sit. Now, cut a thin piece of elastic, a bit longer than that length. Attaching a safety pin on one end of the plastic, put it inside the channel that you made on the dress’s top. Once you are done doing it and out again, pin the loop of the elastic nicely and try the flannel dress you created.
  • Trim the elastic so the ends overlap 1’’ on both sides and sew the loop of the elastic closed once you have the correct length of your band. Sew your flannel fabric channel’s gap closed as well. After sewing, trim any excess fabric left.
  • Cut two thin strips of 1’’ wide fabric from the collar that you took out in the beginning. Sew the sides of the strips together neatly and attach them on top of the flannel dress on both sides (fold the raw edges ½’’).

Once you have successfully created a flannel dress out of your flannel shirt, iron it well, and don’t be shy to flaunt your creativity in front of your friends!

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