Hooded T-shirt is the Latest Entrant to the Urban Wardrobe and with Good Reason!

For more than 80 years, the hoodie has been a mainstay of fashion and utility. From its humble beginning in high school athletic program and work wear to its emergence in haute and street fashion alike, the hoodie enjoys status as both a winter staple and trend. It has become a closet necessity no matter where one falls in the fashion spectrum. The massive popularity of this universal wardrobe warrior has made designers not just design hoodies to stay warm when the temperatures are dropping but also make them wearable all year round. It is time to welcome the next-gen hoodies – hooded t-shirts.

Wholesale Grey and Black Raglan Hooded Tee

Because Boys Like to Sport the Cool Look

From the word go, long sleeve hooded t shirt wholesale has managed to become one of the most preferred and favorite outfit for boys who like to sport a relaxed, cool and laid-back look yet look very much put-together. From casual outings to impressing a hot date, this tee works for all occasions. These t-shirts form the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Maroon Block Raglan Shirt SupplierAny Type of Bottoms Would Do

The hooded t-shirts can be teamed up with any kind of bottom-wear, loose or tight-fitting. This versatility is another reason why it has become a closet staple for guys who do not like to spend too much time on dressing up and yet want to look their best. The hoodie in itself carries a revolutionary spirit that can make anyone look uber-cool. Be it rugged denims, shorts or smart trousers, it can instantly enhance any ensemble.

Front Open Hooded Plaid Shirts ManufacturerPlain or Funky Prints

Designers and manufacturers have made long sleeve hooded t shirt wholesale available in a wide variety of style options. One can choose from plain, solid colored tees to ones sporting quirky prints and other interesting design elements. Showing off one’s unique sense of style and personality becomes easy with these tees and no matter what one chooses, one can be sure of looking extremely attractive. Since these t-shirts enjoy such exacting demand, business owners can also utilize them to promote their brand by customizing these t shirts with the brand name or logo with the help of a renowned manufacturer.

Lovely Blue Tie-And-Dye Hoodie Distributor

Even women have started taking a liking towards this extremely fashionable piece of outfit. Its versatility allows women to pair it up with skirts, shorts and denims. These tees have successfully carved out a niche for themselves in the wardrobe of the urban-minded men and women. Retail store owners can stock up on these incredibly stylish t-shirts by getting in touch with a wholesaler offering wonderful discount rates and package deals on bulk buying.