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Golf Shirt Etiquette: 4 Prime Rules To Remember

Wearing the finest golf shirt and dressing appropriately shows your respect not only for the age-old sport but also for the host who might have invited you to the course for a round. Remember, most well-known golf players are known for their impeccable dressing sense other than just their playing ability. If you want to look good on the golf course then picking a nice, classy golf shirt is a great way to start.

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Once you are done choosing a golf shirt, you should keep these rules in mind:

What the dress code says

There are certain golf clubs that come with specific dress codes and this tells you how you should wear your shirt on the golf course. Usually, private country clubs were found to have the most rigid requirements. For an instance, there is a popular country club in Los Angeles that asks golf players to put on shirts with sleeves and collars. Jerseys and tees are not preferred. Denim shirts are also asked to be avoided. In fact, there are some golf clubs that will remind you of their dress code, in case you ‘’forget’’ to follow it.

Pay attention to looking neat

Always make sure to wear your golf shirt tucked in. It is impossible to look great on your first shirt if people find it hanging out loose. Each and every professional golfer is very particular about wearing the golf shirt neatly tucked in, and you should be too. You will always find famous golfers believing in looking sharp and giving off a competitive, ready-to-hit the-ball impression. Their confidence in how they look always shows how they are all set to win the game.

Go for the contrasting colors

In order to highlight your golf shirt, you should consider wearing contrasting colors with it. To elaborate on this particular line, if you choose a vibrant shirt like blue or red then partner it with trousers that will display a subdued or neutral color like white, black, or tan. However, if you are invited to play by your boss at someone’s club then see to it that you are not wearing loud colors.

Mind the shirt buttons

During the fall, when you are wearing your black cardigan sweater, you are expected to button your pale blue golf shirt to the top. Professional golf players do that and often end up looking smart and sophisticated, earning praise for their fashion sense too, other than just their play skills. On a scorching hot summer day, you are free to loosen up a bit by leaving the first button open.

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