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Give Rest To Cotton Shirts And Add Linen Shirts Wholesale To Your Inventory

Full sleeve cotton shirts are one of the most common clothing items that have survived the test of time and are still hugely demanded by both young and adult population alike. But many small clothing businesses, especially the new ones, fail to look beyond this item when ordering their wholesale manufacturers clothing.

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Like mentioned already, cotton shirts are very popular and demanded, but there are few other fabrics shirts that are equally in demand, if not more; linen shirts being one of the top ones.

Linen and cotton- difference

Although linen and cotton are both natural fabrics, there exist few differences between them that could be very considerable for the end customers when buying shirts. Here we jot down few points as to how linen shirts could, in many ways, be better than the cotton ones.

Warmth– Linen fibers are known to be the natural insulators. This makes this fabric’s shirts suitable for both summer and winter season. It can easily absorb, trap and release the air; this keeps the body warm during winter and provides coolness in summer.

Strength– Linen fibers, comparatively, are stronger than cotton. They usually are very long, which ultimately supplements their strength. And we all know, high strength means longer durability.

Wicking ability– Linen shirts can tackle moisture related problems very well even without being processed by dri-fit technology; although dri-fitting helps. They have natural wicking properties.

Softness– New linen shirts are silkier than the cotton shirts. This prevents any creases forming on them easily. And as they are further washed and used, they become softer. While cotton shirts- they are soft from the beginning.

Healthy– Both are natural fibers, so they don’t have any harmful effect on one’s health. But additionally, linen fibers are known to have healing properties that can positively affect people’s health- curing several medical conditions. After all, why do you think linen fibers are used so extensively in bed sheets and covers?

Stylish linen shirts

With all the good properties of linen fibers, many clothes supplier manufacturers prefer this material over others in making women and men’s shirts. And their collection includes many varieties that could work like a charm in any formal or informal occasion. From solid colored plain linen shirts to much fancier that has different colorful patterns on them- you, a small clothing business- gets plenty to choose from.

So next time when you are bulking up from cheap clothing manufacturers, give rest to those cotton shirts and root for the linen ones.