Get Your Styling Facts Right with the New Vintage Checked Shirts

What goes around, comes around, this phrase is well suited in the fashion world. The vintage style is back in the fashion game with its new addition to checked shirts. A plaid or checkered shirt will add that much needed pattern in your wardrobe and should definitely be worn in different styles this winter. Originating from the “Tartan” style of cloth used in ancient Scotland, this print is now famous around the world and a staple of millions of peoples’ fashions.

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Ways to style your vintage checked shirts

With an enormous collection of designer plaid shirts which the vintage checked shirts manufacturer have introduced you get varieties to style your look with. One can comfortably carry any retro look as they want.


Lumberjack look – When it comes to plaid fashion for men, the idea of “ruggedness” is a popular one. To get this rugged, masculine look, pick a long-sleeved flannel shirt in traditional colors, like red and black or gray and black. Wear it with your most comfortable jeans and a pair of hiking boots. That’s all you need!

Bold Casual/Semi formal outfit – Use light-colored tartan shirts for cheerful charm. Brighter plaids aren’t just for women. Bright plaid flannels go good with a t-shirt and jeans or shorts for a casual beach look. Alternatively, pair a bright plaid dress shirt with a pair of khakis or grey dress pants for a bold, semi-formal outfit.


The right fit – Try a loose or fitted vintage checked shirt. Pick the style that gives the impression you want to broadcast to the world. Loose plaid shirts tend to appear more “rugged” and casual. Try pairing one with a band T-shirt or an old tank top for a grungy sense of style. You can even wear men’s shirts and let the tails hang below the waist for a “boyfriend” look. Fitted plaid shirts and blouses tend to appear more “put-together” and professional. These are great for a semi-casual look.

The classic retro look – There’s no rule that says you have to wear it as a shirt. Try tying it around your waist as a sash or belt to add a line of bright color to your outfit that attracts attention to your waist. You can even wear it diagonally across your chest or tie the sleeves around your neck like a sweater.

The casual chic look – Pair with Capri pants for casual chic. This easy look is fantastic as an anywhere outfit. Pair it with a set of flats for a touch of refinement or try sneakers for spunky style. You may want to keep jewelry and flashy accessories to a minimum with this outfit.


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