Flannel Shirts – Is, Was and Will be a Fall Favorite

With the fast approaching Autumnal Equinox, one can also witness a parade of flannel. Thanks to its ease, warmth and comfort, this brushed cotton fabric continues to remain a favorite and as popular as ever this fall/winter season. Everybody is aware of the association of flannel shirts with grunge rock bands, lumberjacks and hipsters but, the plaids that are made available by designers and manufacturers today are far from its old associations and have evolved as a contemporary and modern clothing garment that every man should have at least one in their wardrobe. Scroll down for some style tips that would help you to own plaid this fall season.

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Say No to Heavier Fabrics

Heavier fabrics tend to give the impression of being bulky and it can become a real problem if you decide to pair it up with a jacket or coat. Also, you would to buy a shirt that you can wear it for an entire day without feeling uncomfortable. For the ease of layering and to achieve a less chunky look, choose flannel shirts for men cheap that are lightweight or mid-weight. Your objective should be to wear the trend minus the heft!

Let Loose. Have Fun!

Did you think prints were just for spring? Revisit that thought right now! Inject a bit of fun and excitement to your fall/winter wardrobe with some novel patterned and printed flannels. A lot of leading designers and manufacturers are really working towards infusing latest trends and styles into flannels to make them not just comfy, but up-to-the-minute and on-trend. Flaunt your personality by wearing plaids in bold to subtle prints. The options are limitless if you only know where to look and what you want.

Layer It Up

Flannels can be comfortably worn around the waist but if you are looking to nail that suave, sophisticated yet cool, casual look, then layering is the only way to go. Wear your flannels under denim jackets, wool coats, fleece or puffer vest or pair it up with graphic tees and keep the buttons open. Layering also helps to provide extra warmth needed during the chilly winter evenings. Flannel shirts for men cheap looks good and goes with almost anything. So, think out of the box and do not be afraid to try out new ways to wear your plaids.

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