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Fashion Fun Galore With Flannel Shirts for both Men and Women

The flannel shirts are a big fashion trend in the fall and winter. Traditionally, they were associated with grunge bands and lumberjacks in the 90s’, but they are making a huge comeback in full style and fashion leaving behind its past associations. Typically these shirts are worn by men but women are equally in love with this oh-so-comfortable and handy shirt trend that they simply can’t get enough of it.

Flannel Shirts in Bulk

For the Casual, Put-together Men

The plaid is not just meant for casual outings and it can be worn in more than one way. It looks good practically with anything from trousers, jeans to shorts and with a little bit of accessories such as belts, shoes, sunglasses and hats, this clothing item can be worn at dressier, formal occasions as well. Plaid shirts have become an absolute wardrobe staple for the modern man because it is cozy, warm and perfect for those days when one is feeling too lazy to dress up but yet wishes to look put-together. Men can practically play around with this trend, think out of the box, mix n match and nail the look. One can wear plaid left out, layered up and left unbuttoned, tucked in, tied around the waist or pair up with a jacket or blazer for that official look. Purchasing flannel shirts in bulk never hurts because one can never have too many of plaids!

Girls, Time to Play!

A lot of women love flannel shirts but have steered clear of this trend thinking that it is too masculine. This cannot be farther from the truth! One can always add a bit of feminine touch to it by pairing it up with a cute, frilly skirt, a tight dress, sundress, and accessorize it by using nice chunky jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings. One should be careful about not overdoing it though! For women who like to add that extra edge to their outfit and not look completely girly, can also use plaids to add that rocker chick vibe. When thinking about layering it up, one should always go for oversized flannels.

As flannels are one of the hottest trends during fall and winter seasons, buying flannel shirts in bulk would definitely save money whether you want it for personal or business purposes. Today, they are available in so many different patterns, colors and styles that it would not be hard to get exactly what you need.


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