Different Types Of Collars And Styling Options

One of the most prominent features of men’s shirt is its collar and ironically, it is also the most ignored aspect about the shirt too. From strengthening the soft facial lines or softening the strong ones is what a collar should do for you. Little do men realize that something as small as a collar can reflect their personality. Your choice of collars will define your mood, and should be selected considering the occasion choosing from the many variations that exist. The key is to trust your judgment, instilling oodles of confidence in you. Let’s begin the journey to rediscover the everyday shirt by its collar in the blog below. Wholesale collars shirt in bulk are being manufactured due to increasing demand in the retail consumer sector.

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The Classic Collar

This is the most traditional type of shirt collar, it is distinguished prominently by the small spread between the collar points. The four-in-hand tie knot perfectly complements this collar type. This type of shirt is suitable for any formal purpose because of its versatility factor. This collar will be suitable for men with a thin face, or small-boned man.

The Tennis Collar

The forward-point tennis collar style includes a narrow-point collar and straight-point collar. It is typically worn with a four-in-hand knot as well. It is one of the most conservative collar types, apt for business meetings. It can go with a sporty coat, or with any style coat that complements the color of the shirt.

Chinese Collar

This is an all-time favorite collar, the one that stands up straight, encircling the neck. Initially in history, this was usually worn to display social rank and express a lavish lifestyle. A similar style known as the Nehru Collar is very much in trend, experimenting with twists.Try a stiff band collar on a well-tailored shirt in silk blend to create a fashionable look.

The Contrast Colla

The contrast collar shirt gives an ultra-professional look to men. Currently in the fashion scene, casual shirts have been spotted incorporating a variation using contrast shades on the collar. This style is specifically about the color of collar and not the shape.Match the collar color with the cuffs of the shirt to complete the look.

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The English Spread-

This collar has always been a safe bet since it is not experimental to style. It’s a stiff collar that can serve both small and large tie-knots, giving the traditional English gentleman look. Spread collars have the reputation of working with skinnier faces, hence wear it with complementary pieces to suit your silhouette.

One of the latest design collar manufacturer are producing shirts with different types of collar styles as mentioned above. Retailers can add these variants in their stock to impress their customers as these are stitched with precision ensuring longevity!


Different Types Of Collars And Styling Options




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