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Decode Men’s Flannel Shirts This Winter with These Style Inspirations

When winter comes do you often compromise on style for comfort? What if you get both at the expense of one? Now you can with the returning of flannel shirts. If the name of flannel makes you think about the hipster and lumberjack style of earlier days, today’s flannel has undergone various changes. Here’s how you can create the best fashion statement with them.

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Team up with jeans or trousers

Whether you are walking from home to work or work to a bar, pairing up your classic red and black checked flannel shirts with trousers or jeans will definitely keep you warm while helping you earn brownie points for your unique fashion code.

You can also opt for those with light patterns and match them up with dark wash or torn jeans. Now if you want to experiment a little with your looks try mixing up with a pair of khaki pants and dark plaid shirt.

Leave it unbuttoned over a tee

If the chilly wind is shivering your bones, then wear your plaid shirt like a jacket over a plain tee. You can keep the buttons open if you want a casual look. However, you can be a little creative with this one and think of taking out your funky graphic tee and layer with a serious blue and black chequered shirt and make a casual look. This is one of the best ways to put it on due to the unpredictability of the weather during winter months.

Fasten around the waist

When the temperature drops by a few degrees, open it up and fasten it around your waist. This will not only add a definitive stance to your entire look but also act as a belt.

Layer up

Winter or not, layering always helps notch up the style quotient further. During cold winter months slip on plaid shirts with checks of red, orange and blue and layer them with sweaters or leather jackets, while in warmer months go for suits and blazers and wear them over cool flannel shirts.

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