Choosing The Right Color Combination Of Your Wholesale Flannel Clothing

Once a popular belief ‘denims for women and flannels for men’, this concept has jinxed today. These days wholesale flannel clothing is demanded, equally, by both women and men. But one can’t really be surprise to this change in trend; after all, manufacturers are offering so many quality options that one simply can’t resist from.

Wholesale Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

Color combination is the key

One thing that sets flannel shirts apart from other types is its color combination. So when you buy your flannel shirts bulk, it is the right color combination that you have to be very considerate of. Although this might seem like an easy task, it is not. Different gender and different age groups has different color preferences. Plus, change in seasons brings its color demands.

Red and black color– This color flannel shirts are adored by either of the gender and every age group. So it is the safest selection for any business, despite the seasons. But you have to careful, for there exist many shades of red color itself; stick to the dark ones.

Light and dark colors– It is no hard rule but a generic concept, majority of women prefer light colors, while men side with dark colors. So cream color shirts would do better with women comparatively and brown ones would be bought most by men.

More than two colors– Many flannel shirts come in more than just two color combinations. Three, four and even five colors are used in the same shirt. Less the combinations, safer your stock will be. But that is not to say that you should not play with different variations. Just make sure your wholesale doesn’t look like it’s for clowns.

Single color flannels– There also exist few standard single color flannel shirts; grey being the most popular among both women and men.

Seasons– About seasons, it is no secret that people prefer light color shirts for summer and dark for winter.

Wholesale flannel clothing more that just shirts

Thanks to people’s limited vision, many consider wholesale flannel clothing is just about full sleeve shirts. It is not! Many manufactures are offering ample of different options in this niche. Flannel bottoms have already become highly popular among everyone of different age group.  Youngsters are wearing flannel pants to colleges and outings, while teenagers are swaging flannels shorts and capris everywhere. And the adults, as well, are sporting flannel trousers in their leisure time.

So when you are heading to the wholesale flannel clothing world, or already are there, do not restrict yourself to any one type or variety. Yes, flannel shirts are very popular and most demanded, but also go crazy with flannel polos, pants, shorts, trousers, capris and oh, those cute socks.


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