Choosing Shirts For Every Occasion

Is there any occasion when it’s inappropriate to wear a shirt? Apart from in the swimming pool, the answer is no! There really is a shirt for all eventualities, so whether you’re heading to work, to a party or simply hanging out with your friends, there’s sure to be a shirt out there that will perfectly fit the bill.

If you’re choosing a shirt for all occasions, here are some top tips to make sure you get the decision-making process right.

The Casual Shirt

If you’re just staying at home, going to the mall or socializing with friends or family, you might want to consider wearing a casual shirt instead of the basic t-shirt with your jeans. A shirt can be dressed down by simply rolling up the sleeves and undoing the top button. Patterned shirts like gingham checks and plaids are a laidback choice which is just ideal for this type of occasion.

The Office Shirt

If you work in a business formal workplace, you’ll need a smart, button-up shirt for daily wear. The classic, sharp-collared business shirt is always a go-to and works perfectly when tucked into chinos or a pair of formal suit pants. Depending on the formality of your workplace, you could opt for a striped or checked shirt, or stick to a plain, neutral color such as white, black or blue.

The Industrial Shirt

If you work in certain environments, you’ll need a shirt to wear as part of your official workplace uniform. You may have been supplied with a branded shirt by your employer, but if you haven’t you’ll need to choose something appropriate that is comfortable and practical to wear but which also adds a touch of flair and style to your workwear outfit. You can often find this sort of professional industrial-style wear at specialist outlets. For example, shirts specially made for chefs can be found at ChefWorks.com, and these are designed specifically to meet the needs of busy catering professionals in their working environment.

The Party Shirt

When you’re heading out for a celebration, party or another special occasion, you may want to leave the standard white button-down shirt behind and switch to a darker shade instead. Why not add a pocket square made from silk for even more flair, or add a festive or brightly colored tie for more eye-catching appeal. You could even forget the suit and, instead, pair your shirt with a pair of tailored pants and a blazer.

The Formal Shirt

If you’re heading to a formal event such as a wedding, awards ceremony or black-tie ball, you’ll need to choose a formal shirt. These will usually be white and will be properly starched so that they have a flawless look. French cuffs will add a little more flair if you’d like to stand out from the crowd a little more. Pair with a bow tie and a tuxedo and you’ll have an amazing knock-out outfit that is sure to turn heads.


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