Checked Shirts Manufacturers Are Sprinkling Taste Of ‘Contemporary’ To ‘Vintage’

Trends have changed. Seasons have changed. And so does the decades. But people’s opinion about checked shirts has remained the same. ‘They are amazing!’

With its never down demand among customers of all age and both gender, it is a no brainer for clothing businesses to stock them in their warehouse all the time. But before you, as a business owner make any move, here are few pointers that can help you get the best of this opportunity.

What has changed over the years?

Although still allied with the term ‘vintage’, there are but few features that back up this claim. Today, new and top vintage checked shirts manufacturers have upped their creativity quotient and are producing much more varieties that were not available years back.

Colour combinationAn area where the manufacturers have evidently spent most of their time is in the colour department. They have worked tirelessly with the top designers and other professionals to come up with the perfect colour combinations. Combinations, which would have been a big ‘no-no’ years back, but not anymore.

Black and white, a real vintage, is admittedly an all time favorite. But other combinations that have homed in people’s favorite lists are dark black and blue, gingham red, purple tartan, maroon and pink check and many more.

Pockets– ‘Do small things in great way.’ This is what today’s manufacturers have devotedly followed- focusing and making changes in small things. This includes using different types of pockets on these checked shirts. Other than vintage plane pockets, the producers are offering square, round, hexagonal, and hemmed ones. While one of everyone’s most preferred are flap pockets.

Plus, small things also includes the kind of buttons, and the edges and cuttings of these shirts.

100% cotton– In the past, producers would use 50/50 blend cotton in most of the wears. But today a top-rated vintage checked shirts manufacturer understands that comfort level is equally as important as fashion. Hence they are using 100% cotton in most of their products. This makes the whole wear very durable, and easy to wash.

These changes along with few others has sprinkled the drops of contemporary to vintage. So now when you order your stock from the top vintage checked shirts manufacturer, don’t get too hung up with the term ‘vintage’, and choose a boring collection. Look after the many variety of options that you get, and select something that aligns with your customers’ moods and preferences.

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