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All You Need To Know About Polo Shirt Styles For Men

Do you know that is quite easy to style a polo shirt in a wrong way? Yes, a modest shirt like this can be on the wrong side of the men’s fashion formula if not worn with the correct complementary pieces and accessories. Even though you cannot go overboard with the accessories part but pairing them of the right colors with the outfit creates a flattering look for men. Just because you want to look cool inside out does not means your attire has to be sloppy. Hence to know about what pieces work well with the basic types of polo shirt to look hassle free and chic, read on the blog to find out. Retailers who want to buy bulk polo shirts can avail great discounts in their purchases by mailing their wholesale needs to the help desk of the brands.

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Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Long sleeved polo shirts are a great clothing choice for places with erratic weather conditions. It can either be folded up to the arms or worn full sleeved. It defines a great casual look with a subtle hint of elegance attached to it and can be worn with neutral colored chinos/ trousers and loafers/boots. These shirts are usually slim fitted and creates a flattering silhouette on the men’s body. You can even consider substituting it for a normal shirt as a workwear clothing . Don’t try to layer other pieces with this shirt otherwise the whole design concept gets ruined.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

The short sleeved polo shirt is especially designed for men who need a sense of comfort when it comes to their clothing choice. Many retailers can buy polo shirts wholesale of such quality from the renowned manufacturers in this area of expertise. Men can wear it with shorts or capri pants to give it a lounge wear perspective. This is a staple choice when it comes to athletes such as tennis players and golf players as these shirts are really comfortable on the skin and suitable for transforming a look from sporty to casual hence finding its derived spot in athleisure trends. . This shirt looks good with blazer and solid colored trousers during winter months too.

The Regular Fit

The regular fit polo shirt is the most common type of men’s shirt available in the market. These are a little snug in the sleeves area but loose in torso. This makes for an ideal wear if you have a body worth showing off or you’re on the slimmer side of the anatomy. If a solid colored polo shirt is paired with a classic washed jean and camel colored shoes , the outfit looks really great and is a simple style recipe that can be carried off by any man. The regular fit is available in various colors and designs in the collar and sleeve area hence it is versatile in nature.

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The Slim Fit

If you’re on the slimmer side of the body type , then you can opt for a slim fit polo shirt. Especially people who are into working out and body building ,this shirt works well as the abs, triceps and biceps are nicely emphasized as the shirt nicely fits to the body. This makes for a great outfit which is perfect for a night out or a date night with your girl. However, make sure that the fitting is not too tight or else it will not only get uncomfortable to wear but make you look tacky too.

Currently one of the popular polo manufacturers have come up with fresh designs in the menswear department owing to the growing demand in the popular polo shirt trend thanks to famous celebrities who are sporting it in smart ways nowadays.