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5 Unique Kinds of Shirts for Women to Wear

It is time to leave behind the notion that shirts are worn just by men. Come on, they are unisex clothing garments! There are specific kinds of shirts available for men and different kinds for women. A man’s and a woman’s body structure is non-identical; hence the sewing pattern has to be different as well to give both the sexes a fitted look and comfort.

Typically, a shirt consists of a collar, cuffs, and buttons. But the world has revolved way too many times after that, and now the idea of shirts is generalized as an upper clothing garment that can serve multiple purposes. T-shirts and formal shirts are classics, let us explore what more.

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One of the best wholesale shirts manufacturers in the USA provides a range of collections in all types of shirts for both men and women. These collections are separated according to the material and purpose of clothing, and they are sure to make you understand the differences between them. It is very important to know what you are wearing so that you can break the norms and flaunt your own kind of style.

Read on to this blog more to find out about the various kinds of shirts manufactured especially for women.

What are the 3 most unique shirts made for women?

Women have their own sense of style and requirements for fashion. Their clothes are largely none like that of men. But there are intersectional clothes that have come to be accepted as unisex clothing. Shirts constitute a huge part of them.

Here is a small list of shirts that are made especially for women. For you all queens out there-

  1. Crop t-shirts and cold-shoulder t-shirts – Made to accentuate the curves and feature women in a very funky way, the crop tops and cold shoulder tops have only one difference- crop tops are short in length and cold shoulder tops allow the shoulders to be bare from straps to sleeve.
  2. Maternity t-shirts– These are made especially for pregnant women and are kept big in size to give space to the body and keep a woman comfortable. They are produced by selected wholesalers and are very much in demand.
  3. Dress shirts– These are the most amazing of all. Having the look of a shirt but the cut and length of a dress, dress shirts are rocking the world in recent times! A denim dress shirt has the ability to stun the crowd around you if pulled off correctly!

In the coming years it can be predicted that more and more kinds of gender-specific garments will be ready to break the stereotypes and enter the world of unisex clothing. But for now, we have what we have, and we have to make do with them. If you are a shirt distributor and looking for the best place to get your bulk order from, contact us! From a variety of options to choose from, be it maternity t-shirts wholesale or crop tops wholesale, you will be pleased to do business with us!

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