5 Style Tips For All Women Who Are In Love With Flannel Shirts

Fall fashion has become kind of a fashion show. There are ten trends doing round in the circuit and with little attention will become an overnight sensation. But someone has maintained their consistency through years- flannel shirts. Women love them for they are a perfect representation of comfort and style amalgamated together. If you are one of those many who loves flannel shirts, then here is a list of styling tips that you can follow to up your game.


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#Tip 1

Cold gets to us, especially those uncalled autumn winds. They give the chills and honestly, no one likes it. Layering is a great option to keep yourself warm, and flannel shirts offer all the possibilities to do so. Wear it under a nice wool cardigan and a pair of dark blue denim to look elegant. A pair of ballerinas for footwear and a smart watch for accessories is enough to get you through the season.


#Tip 2

Tying a flannel shirt around the waist can never get old. This autumn gives it a twist by teaming it with a solid white t-shirt, blue slim fit jeans, and ankle length boots. Opt for a hat to look uber cool in this classy yet casual ensemble. As for the shirt, pick one in basic shades- a white and black combo will work just about fine. Womens flannel shirts in vintage designs are available with the top flannel manufacturing houses.


#Tip 3

While tying the shirt around the waist is considered vintage, wearing it as a cardigan is also considered to be elite. Flannel shirts are known for their insulating qualities and this is the perfect autumn afternoon attire. To up the bravura, you can actually opt for a simple combination, like a grey solid t-shirt, a pair of jeans and trainers.


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#Tip 4

Using your flannel womens shirts for the formal attire can be tricky but is attainable. All you need is the right clothes combined together. A white tunic, a pair of black leggings, ankle length boots and a flannel shirt- you will be hogging a lot of attention. Simple yet classy, sophisticated and classy, this ensemble is conventional in its approach with a lot of casual appeal.


#Tip 5

If you are still not over that pretty summer dress, then there is way out for you. Throw over the flannel shirt on top of the dress casually. Wear boots and black trainers to look chic. Keep the rest of the look simple and avoid using clashing prints (no floral and plaid please!).

Thus, this autumn makes your flannel shirt worth it. If you are in love with it, then proclaim your love in the most stylish way by wearing it right. Wholesale womens flannel shirts manufacturer has an inventory showcasing the same in different colors that can be further purchased by the retailers in bulk.



5 Style Tips For All Women Who Are In Love With Flannel Shirts 





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