5 Polo Shirt Looks For Women That Will Win Hearts at A Glance

Women wear with polo shirts in the 70s were a sight to behold. The crisp superiority that they added to the appearance elevated their status and made them a staple in our wardrobe. However, something sinister happened to them. With all the popped collars and exuberant shades hurting the eyes, their demand fell strikingly. A few seasons back, their original form was reinstated by the polo enthusiasts. The latest renditions retain a major portion of the principal with only a little tweak made here and there.

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If you are planning to make them a staple in your wardrobe again, then you just got to add them, without any inhibition. Moreover, wear them correct, you are golden. Wear them carelessly, you will either end up looking cheesy or like a caddy (no offence). So thinking about how to wear them? Then this article is the right place for you. Here is given a few conventional and not-so-conventional ways of wearing a polo shirt that is manufactured by the best eggshell polo shirts supplier. Read on and make stellar appearances through and through.

  • Polo shirts when worn with a pair of jeans, the result is by default something that gets you complemented. But the leading role in this look is played by the shade. Same coloured polo shirt and jeans (we would strictly prefer black) can give you a very balanced appearance. Wear a pair of white trainers to break the monotony of the all-black look (if that is what you are going for). Also, make sure that the fit of both the polo and the jeans is crisp and clean for a better guise.

And following the above look which is perfect for a casual get going, you can also opt for a variation on this look which gives you more colour and vibrancy to add to your appearance. If confused, you can look up to the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, just FYI) for reference.

  • Pick a polo shirt in white that also comes in a perfect fit (for a more refined silhouette) and team it with a tailored blue jeans (coral blue being the ultimate shade of choice). No accessories to complement. A pair of pumps is all you need to set the world on fire. Humble yet effective!

However, if you want to break away from the norm of wearing a polo with denim, you can alter the bottom wear by replacing it with a skirt. Now, there are two different lengths you can opt for- a mini skirt or a knee length pencil skirt. For each, this is how you can dress.

  • For a mini skirt, make sure to pick one that enhances your stature and legs! Tuck your polo shirt, preferably in a cute print (for instance polka dots or narrow stripes). Wear a pair of loafers and use a statement belt for more definition to the guise.

  • The second skirt look uses a knee-length pencil skirt. Just like the above-mentioned look, tuck in your polo in the skirt, but this time, use solid neutral hues. Dark tones will work just fine. You can complete the look by choosing to wear a pair of heels for footwear.

Now the last look draws a summation between smart and casual. To get it correct, you have to understand that the polo shirt is the pilot of your look. So let it steer the look. How to do it? Here it goes.

  • Pick a skinny fit polo shirt in black and tuck it in a pair of slim fit trouser in the shade of cream. Use a pair of knee length boots and a statement belt, both in tan, to complement the look. This look is highly conventional in approach, which also focuses on giving you high-end 70s panache.

Thus, whichever look you choose, choose wisely. A nice polo shirt teamed with the correct bottom wear will definitely turn heads and get you some appreciating glances. Prominent manufacturers who showcase an entire range of wholesale polo shirts in their inventory are letting retailers purchase them in bulk at discounted prices.


5 Polo Shirt Looks For Women That Will Win Hearts at A Glance