5 Effective Dressing Rules For Women with Fuller Body!

You have curves! Consider yourself lucky. If you fall in the category where you are blessed with a fuller body, you are not really bound by the shackles of dressing conventions. And if you are convinced that you are, reconsider your options again. Forget the old list of rules that you were made to believe. Gone are those days when you would be ashamed and shamed for being curvy. Now, you can flatter yourself with the perfect clothes. The way you want it!

To help you dress better, below mentioned is a list of rules that you can swear by if you want to garner compliments from people around you.

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#Dressing Rule 1: It is About The Fit Not The Colour

One of the myths that have directed the fashion of women with fuller bodies is that colours are your true enemy. That is anything but the truth. How flattering the cloth is all comes to the fit. In fact, colour has nothing to do with anything, as long as it complements the complexion. So if you want to wear white, wear white in the right piece. You really don’t have to stick to black, pick a shade and apparel that fits you properly, highlighting your assets.

#Dressing Rule 2: Button Downs Complement Your Curves

Shirts as constructed by wholesale plus size clothing suppliers are very flattering. They give a slimming effect to the midsection, making your body appear elongated. You can opt for details that create shape like drapes and ruffles. Further, you can use blazers and jackets to add to your stature and give a slenderizing appearance to your silhouette.

#Dressing Rule 3: Stripes Are Not Your Enemy

Another misconception that ladies have been living with! Stripes are not your enemy. So stop drawing a line at stripes ladies! The truth is chunky horizontal lines will actually not help you, but there is a whole world of stripes waiting to be exploited, waiting to be used as a powerful illusion creator. Asymmetrical lines, diagonal stripes are all a good option for you. Use inward moving stripes to give your waistline a slimming effect. Dark background with lighter stripes can also work wonders for you.

#Dressing Rule 4: Baggy Dressing is Solution To Nothing

If the words of stylists are considered to be sects, then baggy clothes do no good to anyone. So whatever you are trying to achieve, baggy clothes will do nothing to contribute to it. If anything, you should go for fitted clothes that would flatter and enhance your body. Use stretchable fabrics to get a smooth and sexy finish. If you are not comfortable still, then volume either on top or on bottom is fine, but both ways is a big no-no.

#Dressing Rule 5: Follow Trends if They Float Your Boat

The model who was sporting that trend on the runway is blessed with a perfect specimen figure and so are you. As long as you are comfortable pulling off the trend and it doesn’t make you look flashy, you are good to go. So dying to wear a crop top? Opt for a longer cut. Want to wear the pencil skirt? Layer it up properly. There is no fault in adding tweaks to trends! So yes, stop worrying and do what you feel like! No judging!

Get wholesale plus size womens clothing from reputed manufacturers at discounted prices. You are beautiful the way you are. To quote a famous proverb, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!” so dress on! And dress out! Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same by registering with them today.


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