5 Completely Respectable Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt This Fall

A polo shirt demands respect and when you wear it not caring much about anything, well, it is not a pretty sight. Though there is no staunch dress code for wearing polo shirts, there sure is a way! Polo shirts have a charm about them which can’t be ignored. This fall wears your polo shirts in stylish yet respectable ways. To know more, keep reading the following points.


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  • For a very casual appearance, wear a bright colored polo shirt along with a pair of black jeans and military boots. The look is simple yet effective. There is no need to depend on accessories or motifs. Just let the polo shirt stand out on its own and work its charm.


  • If you are up for a conventional look that balances smart and casual perfectly, then team a black polo shirt with a grey Ensure that the fit is perfect and highlights your physique. Complement the entire ensemble with a pair of derby and aviators. Smart and sexy! Wholesale polo shirt suppliers have an inventory of black polo shirts that retort to the comfort as well.


  • A printed polo shirt is an idealistic pick for the summer. Tuck it in a pair of slim fit jeans and use a belt to hold the pieces together. A pair of suede boots will give you the very gentlemanly old-school appearance. As for the polo shirt, opt for any citrus inspired shade, for instance, lime green, orange or yellow.


  • Polo shirts and shorts work really well with each other. While polo lends a sharp look, shorts are the ultimate casual piece. Pick a pair of navy knee-length shorts and team it with a vibrantly printed polo shirt (but the pattern should complement the color of the rest of the attire). Wear navy plimsolls and retro shades to look awesomely charming and defiantly comfortable.


  • To get the maximum flamboyance of a polo shirt, team it with a pair of jeans and throw over an unstructured jacket on top. Pick a polo shirt in a mono shade so as to let it anchor the entire ensemble. For footwear, opt for a pair of loafers to maintain the fundamentalism with a twist.

Thus, this fall, wear your polo shirt in different ways and impress the onlookers. Keep it refreshing and opt for colors that are eye-soothing. Never overdo your polo shirt or else be prepared to look ostentatious. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have an inventory that displays polo shirts in a list of shades. Interested retailers can make a purchase in bulk while securing massive discounts.


5 Completely Respectable Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt This Fall



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