4 Ways to Pull off Denim Shirts in Summer 2016

The world may be busy adjusting to the new spring-summer haute couture collection, but there are some who have not got over their classic denim shirts just yet. If you are one of them, then you will be overwhelmed to know that there are several fun ways to rock your denim shirts even in the hot and humid summer. Here’s a look at them.

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Dress and shirt combo for an evening party

Are you going to a party in the same little black dress that you wore last time? Then stop right there. Why not spin a twist and throw a denim shirt over your off-shoulder dress? Doesn’t it sound amazing? You can also try this with a beige tulle dress which is en vogue at the moment. Now to up the oomph meter step into a pair of stilettos and you are ready to rock the party in style.

Denim on denim- business appropriate

You must admit that wearing denim on denim is no easy thing if you have tried it once and never quite successfully pulled it off. Well, here’s what we suggest. Put on a light wash shirt over a pair of dark wash jeans and black heels. You can also wear a black blazer to keep it strictly formal while carrying off a no-nonsense look.

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Easy breezy style at the beach

A white tank top, an open shirt and a pair of denim or colored shorts are just what you need to make a splash at the beach or any pool party. You must also carry a bright hued hand bag, for instance in canary yellow, to stash in your shirt before taking a quick dive and all you are left with is a wonderful experience.

With floral pants for fun casual

If you are heading out for a day summer party, your denim shirt can be your perfect companion. How? Wear it over a tank tee with your shirt’s buttons open and team it up with floral pants and nude pumps. You can also work your collared denim shirts with floral printed jeans as the two, floral and denim make a great combo together. Now put on your aviators and beat the heat in style like only you can.