3 Ways To Add A Zing To Wholesale Denim Shirts

The youth of today are always on the lookout for fashionable garments which they can procure without burning a hole in their wallet. So, there are newer trends coming every now and then. But to be cost effective with your wardrobe, it’s important to have few clothing items that are evergreen and has minimal chance of going out of fashion. Wholesale denim shirts are one of these that belong to the aforesaid category.

If you still want to be over the top trendy with your clothing, then here are few tips which you can do it yourself to add a zing to your usual denim shirts.

Flashy embellishments

Denim shirts can be adorned with big embellishments especially the round disc and flat metal embellishments which can be spread all over the shirt. Then there are sequins also which can be placed in the shirt in a specified pattern only along a corner or if you want all throughout. These small detailing make the shirts look all the more captivating and draws attention from all corners when you sport them out to casual getaways in the late evening time.

Worn and torn look

Like the denim pants, you can give the shirt also worn and torn look. All you need is a stitch opener and a pair of scissors and take out threads in a fashionable manner from places throughout the shirt. For an added effect, you can get the shirt acid washed also.

Applique work

Take your ordinary denim shirt to another level of fashion by doing some applique work over it. You can form innovative patterns in it. You can use printed leftover cloth in those places to make the outfit look colorful and vibrant. The applique can be random or in some specified patterns also.

If you are a retailer or store owner selling designer and trendy clothes, then you can pick wholesale denim shirts from any leading manufacturer. The advantage of buying directly from a manufacturer is that you will get the cheapest possible prices for the good quality stuff you will be purchasing because of the bulk order you will be placing. You can add these fine elements to the denim shirts as per the general taste and preferences of your clientele. This will definitely help you to convert prospective customers as they’ll get something different to purchase from your store.