3 Ways Couples Can Match Their Morning Uniforms

Are you and your partner looking to wear work uniforms that complement each other? Then keep reading the following article for here is listed three ways in which couples can pull off the uniform look without looking tacky. Keep scrolling to know more.

#1 The first uniform

A crisp white shirt works as the perfect couple uniform. And a crisp white shirt is perfect for conventional occasions as well. a white shirt has a charm of its own and can work well with all kinds of apparels. You don’t need to put too much effort into it. Here is how both of you can wear it that will enhance your individual style quotient while also maintaining the uniform.

For men: Wearing a white shirt for men is actually easy. But to keep the sync, team it with a nice pair of tailored black chinos. A light color blazer worn on top along with a pair of the black derby will get your formal game on point.

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For women: Pick a white shirt from reputed wholesale uniform shirts manufacturers and tuck it in a pencil skirt in black. To break the monotone, wear a light shade blazer on top. Complete the appearance with a pair of pumps.

Formal couple alert!

#2 The second uniform

Now the second uniform is highly influenced by the semi-casual appeal that has been doing rounds in the circuit for the last few seasons. The trend of wearing clothes that are part casual and part formal is definitely stylish. If you get this uniform correct, you will definitely set couple goals for everyone. Want to know how to wear the same?

For men: A blue shirt perfectly balances both the aspects that this uniform tries to achieve. Tuck in your blue shirt in a pair of beige chinos. Use a statement belt to amplify your appeal while holding your attire together. A white knitted cardigan on top will keep you warm. A pair of loafers will complete the look.

For women: You pick the same clothes- a blue shirt, a pair of beige chinos, a white knitted cardigan and a belt holding the attire together. For footwear, you can opt for ballerinas instead of loafers to keep the semi-casual appeal flawlessly.

Real couple goals!

#3 The third uniform

Okay, now since we are talking about uniforms, we will stick to formal attires only. This puts forth the next idea that involves wearing formal shirts but not in the same color, in complementary shades. Effortless and unique, it is all about getting the color right. Here is how you can pull off the look with absolute panache.

For men: A blue dress shirt tucked into a pair of trousers that come with a tailored fit is what is required. A pair of loafers, a textured structured jacket, and a tie will complete your formal look. This is a comparatively easy look to pull off. But as mentioned, it is the color that makes all difference. Make sure to pick a light shade of blue so that it matches with your partners.

For women: A peach dress shirt is all that you need to look in sync with your partner. However, for the lady counterpart, you can either pick a black pencil skirt or trousers, depending on your personal style preference. Pumps and simple pendant will give your look a boost. You too have to be very careful about the shade of peach you are opting for. Light peach is everything you need to amplify your appearance.

Formal with a twist!

So, give the other couples some serious goals by teaming your shirts in perfect uniform. Don’t try to overdo it. Use your personal charm to stand out. Uniform shirts manufacturer has each shirt designed in pairs. They can be purchased in bulk by retailers or company owners who want to give their staff a reason to be happy. Registration online will help secure massive discounts.


3 Ways Couples Can Match Their Morning Uniforms



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