3 Types of Shirts That Are a Must-Have for All Sports Fans

When the term “casual” dressing was only related to pajamas worn in the close quarters of the house, sports shirts made their way into the circuit and changed the dressing scenario. These sports shirts were incepted as pieces of clothes that were essentially worn when playing on the field. But their massive appeal and flamboyant nature made them much more than that and soon enough they became a part of the leisure wardrobe. But what can be considered as sports shirt? What makes this category? Keep scrolling down to learn more about the most popular sports shirts available.

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Polo shirts

Introduced as a classic sports shirt, polo shirts made their way into mainstream fashion with much panache. It was during the 19th century that polo shirts were incepted to match the rigor of the polo pitch. During the 1930s, polo shirts became a part of tennis and brought forth the enthusiasm of the rich French Riviera in the principal design of the shirts. It continued long as a sports piece till in the 70s when the growing popularity of the mainstream fashion became a key factor in infusing them to the circuit as a fashion piece. Working its way into the men’s wardrobe, the structured collared design became a staple for all stylish men and could be worn with almost anything from jeans to shorts to chinos to trousers. Today, even after so many years of being in the industry, polos are in high demand and continue to be a top favorite for all the athletes and the fans.

Rugby jersey

The rugby jerseys just like polos were introduced to be a part of a particular sport, rugby. The shirts, with their knitted design and high collars, were quickly accepted by the enthusiasts outside the field. One simple reason their ability to withstand wear and tear. Their incorporation in the leisure wardrobe during the mid-twentieth century has ever since cemented their position and has established their status as a casual wear. The jerseys are worn at large with pairs of jeans and shorts (for both men and women alike). Most of them incorporate the smartness of the stripes with the jerseys, which are further complemented by the bright and vibrant colors. Sport shirts wholesale manufacturers have an entire set of rugby jerseys displayed in their inventory that is truly worth the investment.

Round neck t-shirts

If any piece of clothing in the fashion department has had the ability to create enough conundrums and win hearts of people significantly, then it has to be a t-shirt. With a classic appeal and timeless approach, t-shirts were introduced as an inner wear for the military to be worn under the uniform. Slowly, it got accepted in the world of sports as a comfortable rendition of the other jerseys, till someone completely introduced it to the fashion world. The round neck and the short sleeves (only one variation among the many) were being worn by athletes and casual goers at large. Their versatility could be complemented by teaming them with a variety of bottom wear that included jeans, shorts, joggers, sweatpants and you can name it all. Thus, this no wonder was the fresh breath of air that the circuit has been enjoying for years.

So whether or not you are a sports fan, whether or not you follow the trends, whether or not you are an athlete, having these sports shirt makes complete sense for they are everything you can ask for. Bulk sports shirts manufacturer have a plethora of these types available which can be purchased at wholesale rates by interested retailers.


3 Types of Shirts That Are a Must-Have for All Sports Fans