3 Transitional (Nifty) Ways to Wear a Classic Polo Shirt This Summer

When they were first introduced years back, their potentiality did not go unrecognised. They were immediately let in the elite circle of the fashion circuit, becoming a part of the fashion history. Even after a major war, numerous political events and climate change, they have retained their position as a classic, timeless clothing piece. It is the versatility of the polo shirts that has helped them reign as the undisputed champion for so many years. In accordance to their versatility, polo shirts can be worn in a numerous ways and for numerous occasions. To focus on three such occasions, here is a list of way in which you can style them accordingly and be the show stopper (like literally!).

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The casual way

Though polo shirts have created niche for themselves (which is the smart-casual way), there can be times or rather occasions when the shackles can be broken for a more relaxed look. A white polo shirt teamed with a pair of black joggers, which is versatile opposed to many popular beliefs, is spontaneous enough, while promising to keep you at ease. Use a pair of plimsolls to keep up with the causal style. If you are hitting the outdoors, then a baseball hat and sunglasses will not only protect you from the overhead sun but also lend ample of style to the ensemble.

The smart-casual way

The basic construction of polo shirts as crafted by wholesale polo shirts manufacturers portrays a balance between smart and casual. While a pair of chinos upholds the smart part (with its neat and clean legs), polo in a vibrant shade will satisfy the latter part of the combo. A pair of loafers is the footwear you would want to pick this outfit combination. No accessories or whatsoever is required for the two clothing piece are stand outs in themselves. Keeping a neutral finish is necessary to maintain the equilibrium.

The smart way

Smart equals to simplicity. Choose a polo shirt that is fitted and crisp, and that you can tuck in your pair of trousers is the right way to steer clear of the casual appearance. Stay away from loud patterns, a subtle texture is what you need to uphold the perfect nifty finish. The trousers should also be tailored to enhance your stature. For footwear, you can stick to a pair of loafers that will help you put together the smartest look on the block. Manufacturers of wholesale polo shirt have a bunch designed that perfectly fits a conventional occasion.

Thus, a simple polo shirt can be worn in three different ways, sufficing to the needs of three occasions- outing with friends, gathering at a reputed place and attending formal meetings. Hence, get a polo shirt this summer and make unique appearances. Bulk polo shirts can be purchased by retailers at discounted prices from prominent manufacturers who showcase a vast inventory.

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