3 Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Wearing A Dress Shirt!

Dress shirts are a wardrobe basic for office goers and corporate workers. Getting the style right with your dress shirt fit and design is very important to your overall look. In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 things that you need to keep in mind when buying dress shirts!

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Here’s our 3 tips for you to carry the dress shirt just like James Bond would.

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1. Wear The Right Size

When you buy dress shirts, you need to get the fit just about right. And the only way to do it is seeing how the button placket wraps around you. If you have one that looks straight and non stretched in the middle while the side tapers into a perfect V, then you have the right fit.

Otherwise, if you are going to get boxy fitted private label dress shirts, then you might as well stop wearing it in the first place.

2. Get The Collar Right

There are many collar type options out there, and you need to know which one suits you best. For people with a wide stocky neck, the mandarin collar and cutaway collar seem to be the top choices.

On the other hand, if you are going complement your long slender neck, then you need a tuxedo or pinned collar. With so many options out there, it is best that you get for your wardrobe collection!

3. Know Your Cuffs

One of the things about getting your dress shirt collection as close to perfection as possible is to make sure that you know your cuffs. There are one button round cuffs, angular cuffs, and French cuffs as well.

Getting your cuff style right makes your private label shirts wholesale collection extremely alluring. Also, it gives you the right start when you want to decide which cuff style to wear when!

These are the 3 things about shirts that you need to know to make the best but. If you are private label retailer, then get in touch with the top private label clothing manufacturers right now and place your bulk orders for the store.

Getting all kinds of dress shirt variety will definitely make your collection look niche and good looking!

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