3 Colors For Shirts Private Label Brands Need To Have In The Summer Wardrobe

With summer already on, the color game is again back to play. Warmer weather is indicative of a change in the colors that we usually stick to. Vivid colors are broadly missing from the men’s clothing department, and as a private label brand retailer, it is time to give your customers something playful and luminous. Know more about the perfect color choice for shirts this summer. Here is a list of colors that can be included with shirts for a fine style upheaval. Keep reading to find more.

Cobalt Blue

The perennial existence of cobalt blue in a fashion designer’s kitty is a testimony to the evolving style over the years. Very summer-y in its appeal, cobalt blue on a shirt is classy to say the least. What was once considered stale now stands out with an aesthetic appeal that adds to the wardrobe of all men. As for starting your private label brand, you will find manufacturers of wholesale private label shirts showcasing the same in abundance. A cobalt blue shirt looks balanced. It is like steering a boat without rocking it too much. The style quotient is also simple. Wearing it with a pair of black chinos and black loafers will work its charm just fine.

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Bright Yellow

The idea of wearing yellow for most men means sticking to mellow shades of the spectrum. But gone are those days when light yellow would make the most statement. It is the era of bright yellow! It is tricky to pull off but a shirt featuring a bright shade of yellow looks aesthetically appealing. the power of the hue is too hard to write off from the books of the private label shirts manufacturers. With the sun in the sky and yellow on the shirt, the complementary look is worth the notice. Teaming the yellow shirt with toned down hues like navy, black or even grey and white looks pleasing to the eyes.

Luminous Orange

Remembered as a staple of the 70s, bright orange has suddenly rose to prominence over the last few seasons. The subsequent shift from the pale to the bright can be attributed to the preference of savvy youngsters of now. Unexpected in many ways, this resurgence in orange has resulted in its combination with shirts that is less classy but more fun. The warmer shade is perfect for the summer, and when paired with indigo jeans and a white top inside, not only is the look balanced but Instagram worthy. (To all men opting for an orange shirt, remember to keep the rest of the ensemble muted for a toned-down rendition).

You might notice that the most popular shade of 2018, purple, is missing from the list. There is no denial that the color is already creating headlines and hogging spotlight. So, it has been skipped from the list. You can combine purple and its different shades with the button downs to impress your customers.

So, now that you are well-versed in the colors section, make sure you use the shades wisely when designing the shirts. There are many more featured on the color section which can be easily combined with the shirt- red, soft pink and sage green being the second-best choice. Reputed private label shirts supplier have a plethora of shirt options available, which can be customized using the colors mentioned above. Providing all the equipment, you can pick any design and get these produced in bulk at a discounted price.