3 Awesome Shirts to fall for This Fall

As we move towards the coldest months of the year, it is time again to update the wardrobe. While jackets and cardigans will be there, and we have no complains, what about what you wear inside? You certainly won’t roam around the house in your outerwear! Shirts are the way out. While most of us depend on the comfort of a t-shirt, a shirt can actually well define our style, revamp it actually.

A shirt is everything you can ask for. They are smart, they are comfortable and they look fashionable. With so much to offer, it is not an unknown fact that shirts come in a variety of styles. But which are the ones that you need this fall? Here is a comprehensive list for you to follow and tips on how to wear them.

A Denim Shirt

There is no competition here. Denim shirts are the safe haven that everyone can fall into. With top shirts manufacturers designing the best of the lot, the modern rendition of this classic piece is truly stunning. The shirts come in a wide variety of textures which add to their overall design. The denim shirts are treated as such so that they can work as a great layering option as well. So wear them with a pair of jeans or throw them over a plain white t-shirt, a denim shirt works well with all. For extra effect, you can use a darker shade.

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A Flannel Shirt

Timeless in its basic creation and in its existence, flannel shirts have graced us with its unavoidable charm. Flannel shirts are cozy and warm as their original story takes us back to the 17th-century winter of Scotland where farmers came up with the mentioned piece to combat cold. So what another purpose can they serve other than protecting you during the winter? Though the modern ones can be worn year long, the association of flannel shirts with autumn is long and profound. So wear them with a bomber jacket and pair of jeans to up your style game and warmth as well. Flannel shirt wholesalers have them in different colors that will further give you options to choose from.

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A White Oxford Shirt

Sharp and subtle, an oxford shirt, read in white, is the most sophisticated piece in a man’s wardrobe. They are easy to dress due to their ability to blend with almost all outfits. An oxford shirt, though formal in its make, can work well for casual occasions as well. The pristine white shade adds to the elegance that they reflect in ample. When wearing them for an autumn day, you can wear a structured blazer on top to give it a more conventional approach. Oxford shirts work well with chinos too. So team it with a pair to look dignified yet spontaneous.

Thus, this autumn, make use of these shirts in the most conspicuous way to look different. Wholesale clothing suppliers have a bunch of shirts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by retailers in bulk upon registration.


3 Awesome Shirts to fall for This Fall  



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