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    We, at Oasis Shirts, work as manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and designers of shirts and other fashionable shirts pieces. This has established our position as one of the best shirts manufacturers in San Francisco, and our aim is to give you the best experience in the otherwise competitive fashion market. With us, not only do you experience convenience but also flourish your business. While the shirts that our designers construct are top class in their craftsmanship, their designs are in sync with the latest trends of the fashion industry. Not only in manufacturing shirts, but we also work as custom shirt supplier in San Francisco, whereas we allow you to personalize the shirts accordingly. As a leading shirt and t-shirt manufacturers in San Francisco, we with time and unparalleled services have become an international name with the our facilities spread across countries like USA, Canada and Australia.

    Top notch shirts consist of our catalog

    Not only do we specialize as one of the topmost women’s shirts manufacturers in San Francisco, but we also have shirts that are available for men and kids as well. While the women’s category include everything from comfy maternity shirts to fancy tops, the flannel shirts and denim shirts retain their classy design with an addition of elegance to the overall design. As for men, we have been recognized as men’s dress shirts manufacturer in San Francisco due to the sophisticated display of formal dress shirts in our wide catalog. Featuring 3D shirts, hooded shirts, striped t-shirts and polo shirts, we have everything that you as a retailer or a business owner can look for to impress your customers.

    While our shirts are stylish and unique in their appearance, their quality makes us vouch for comfort and ease. It is not only the fashionable display of shirts and t-shirts that we have to offer, but we also are known as one of the most celebrated bulk shirts suppliers in San Francisco. Retailers or business owners who want to make a bulk purchase of shirts from us and become a wholesale shirt distributor in San Francisco themselves, can register with us for our services and make convenience your partner.

    We as reputed wholesalers help you customize the shirts

    Though we are known as wholesale shirt manufacturer in San Francisco, it is our reputation as private wholesale shirts supplier in San Francisco that makes us so popular among the bulk buyers. The personalization of the shirts are not only limited to the design of the shirts, but also include various aspects. From collars to sleeves, buttons to pockets, textures to fabrics, our access to the state-of-the-art technology helps you customize the shirts, accordingly. Furthermore, as wholesale designer t-shirt supplier in San Francisco we have cutting edge machines which allow you to personalize bulk sartorial expeditions. With us by your side, you can become custom shirts distributor in San Francisco as well.

    With us, you can become a distributor

    We, at Oasis Shirts, are dedicated in helping you establish a successful business with our vast stock of shirts. You can become a renowned shirt distributor in San Francisco owing to our innovative catalog of shirts. We quench the thirst of retailers and business owners with the trendiest shirts and t-shirts that can be purchased in bulk. We are aimed at expanding our vista by including every potential entrepreneur who wants to venture in new horizons. So all the bulk buyers out there, what are you waiting for? Come and register with us today. As cheap shirts manufacturers in San Francisco, you can make the most profit with us as we offer massive discounts on bulk purchases of stylish shirts and t-shirts. Get a distributor kit today by dialing Oasis Shirts today!