In a cut-throat competitive market, Oasis Shirts has created a niche for itself. With unperturbed services and a wow-worthy inventory, Oasis Shirts has earned the reputation of being one of the top wholesale clothing distributors in the fashion industry. Operating as a producer, supplier, distributor and manufacturer of shirts, we are the one-stop destination for all retailers and business owners looking to expand their business and impress their customers. We offer provisions which allow you to buy our products in bulk at a cheap and discounted price and further distribute it in the market. With us by your side, success will become a habit.

    The criteria for becoming a shirt distributor

    As one of the most celebrated shirt distributors USA, we offer our provisions to all retailers and business owners who want to establish an individual and profitable business in the industry. You can enroll in our different wholesale shirt distributors programs, which have different prospects. You can either continue to enhance the shirts’ stock of your own store or you can become an independent shirt distributor and sell the products to other business and store owners. Whichever model you pick, you can be assured of full-assistance from our end. We have a stellar inventory to add to all the services. The shirts we sell are trendy all across the globe for these boast of fine and fresh designs. You can depend on our reliable services and grow significantly in the market.

    What will you get in our massive shirt’s inventory?

    Our catalog is designed to impress retailers and the masses alike. We keep a tab on what the fashion-forward millennial need and constantly deliver to meet the expectations. From quirky flannel shirts to classic denim ones, formal dress shirts to elegant polo shirts, we have everything to help you choose. Our collection further extends and includes variations like maternity tees, sports shirts, business shirts, 3D shirts and uniform shirts to name a few. Smartly categorized into men’s, women’s and kid’s sections, you will be spoiled for a choice.

    Why should you become our shirt distributor?

    Stellar services and a wow-worthy inventory have already established Oasis Shirts as one of the top wholesale clothing distributors in the fashion circuit. Reliable and trustworthy, we are a one-stop destination for all retailers who want to maximize their turnovers and yearly profit revenues. We also engage in free shipment all over the world without charging you extra for it. Bulk purchase can also help you secure massive discounts. We are equipped and ready to help. So become our bulk shirts distributor today and reach new horizons of business success.

    The services we offer to shirt distributors

    Oasis Shirts have earned a reputation for itself over the years. Our umbrella is vast and varied. If you decide to do business with us, you will be entitled to the following services:

    • Our shirts are top notch with superior quality and longevity
    • We allow the shirts to be customized using the latest equipment
    • You can produce bulk customized clothes
    • We offer all types of support for your growth
    • Timely delivery of the shipment

    Thus, working with us as wholesale shirts distributor will enable you to enjoy success like never before.

    How to join the distribution model for us?

    To become a wholesale shirts distributor Australia based, there are a few steps you have to follow. Just take a look:

    • Fill out the business form today with all the required and necessary information about your venture.
    • On receiving the form, we will check your eligibility in order to move on to the next step of finalizing your position as a distributor with us.
    • This step is vital for it deals with the proposal you make and the kind of bulk requirement you have. It is upon this information that the framework of the business will carry forth.
    • Request a quote for making a bulk purchase in tune with your bulk requirement.
    • Once your quote is approved, you will receive the shipment upon making the payment and start making profits.

    Easy and simple, don’t wait any longer. Contact Oasis Shirts today for more information. Your distributor kit is waiting to be picked!! Why wait?