Straight and Short Hems Are Meant to Be Untucked. Uneven Hems With Longer Backs or Fronts Are Ideal for Tucking in.

Soft and Smooth Flannel is Great for an Untucked, Casual Look. Formal Flannels Are Better Tucked in.

When Wearing a Blazer, Leather Jacket, or Sweater Over Your Flannel, Tucking It in Creates a Cleaner Look.

Wearing a Tee Underneath? Choose Tucked or Untucked Based on the Occasion, Like Work Vs A Concert.

Tuck in for Formal Events Like Interviews. Leave Untucked for Casual Outings Like Sports Events With Friends.

Pair Your Flannel Shirt With Smart Bottoms and a Complementary Belt to Enhance Your Style.