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Dioz Group

As finest manufacturers, designers, distributors and marketers in the apparel and accessories industry, Dioz Group has the widest repository committed to serve clients all across the world with products and services that is second to none. With leading brands spread across the world, including Alanic, Oasis, Frerez, Global Trade Embassy and Mebules to name a few, today we deliver the world clients with international fashion and class products, from apparels, accessories and lifestyle satisfying style savvy shoppers with only the best.

Oasis Shirts, one of the leading brands in Dioz Group, are the champions in designing, manufacturing, and distributing trendy and eye-arresting shirts from dramatic color shades, to eclectic patterns and designs. From fabulous and fun casual wears, fuss-free formals to fashion forward master pieces, to keep fashionistas delightful, we customize shirts in all shapes, styles and sizes in bulk and at wholesale rates.