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Different Types Of Collars And Styling Options

One of the most prominent features of men’s shirt is its collar and ironically, it is also the most ignored aspect about the shirt too. From strengthening the soft facial lines or softening the strong ones is what a collar should do for you. Little do men realize that something as small as a collar can reflect their personality. Your choice of collars will define your mood, and should be selected considering the occasion choosing from the many variations that exist. The key is to trust your judgment, instilling oodles of confidence in you. Let’s begin the journey to rediscover the everyday shirt by its collar in the blog below. Wholesale collars shirt in bulk are being manufactured due to increasing demand in the retail consumer sector.

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The Classic Collar

This is the most traditional type of shirt collar, it is distinguished prominently by the small spread between the collar points. The four-in-hand tie knot perfectly complements this collar type. This type of shirt is suitable for any formal purpose because of its versatility factor. This collar will be suitable for men with a thin face, or small-boned man.

The Tennis Collar

The forward-point tennis collar style includes a narrow-point collar and straight-point collar. It is typically worn with a four-in-hand knot as well. It is one of the most conservative collar types, apt for business meetings. It can go with a sporty coat, or with any style coat that complements the color of the shirt.

Chinese Collar

This is an all-time favorite collar, the one that stands up straight, encircling the neck. Initially in history, this was usually worn to display social rank and express a lavish lifestyle. A similar style known as the Nehru Collar is very much in trend, experimenting with twists.Try a stiff band collar on a well-tailored shirt in silk blend to create a fashionable look.

The Contrast Colla

The contrast collar shirt gives an ultra-professional look to men. Currently in the fashion scene, casual shirts have been spotted incorporating a variation using contrast shades on the collar. This style is specifically about the color of collar and not the shape.Match the collar color with the cuffs of the shirt to complete the look.

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The English Spread-

This collar has always been a safe bet since it is not experimental to style. It’s a stiff collar that can serve both small and large tie-knots, giving the traditional English gentleman look. Spread collars have the reputation of working with skinnier faces, hence wear it with complementary pieces to suit your silhouette.

One of the latest design collar manufacturer are producing shirts with different types of collar styles as mentioned above. Retailers can add these variants in their stock to impress their customers as these are stitched with precision ensuring longevity!


Different Types Of Collars And Styling Options



Why Your Denim Shirt Could Be Your Numero Uno Wardrobe Choice?

The age of the denim shirt is back and how people are again obsessing over the apparel and many experts are suggesting that it could be a great fashion choice for any wardrobe. But, like with any other new trend, the denim too has its share of skeptics who do not feel that the apparel is relevant in today’s fashion scene. So, we thought debunking that myth would be a task better than ever!
This blog is going to list a few reasons why the denim shirt is or can be a numero uno fashion choice this summer season. Let’s take a look –

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1. Wear It As Much As You Like

Like every other denim apparel ever, your wholesale denim shirts are a total ‘wear out till it tears out’ kind of apparel. All the dust, weather, wear and tear give the shirt the seasoning it needs to look mature and appealing at the same time. In fact, denim shirts are a sign of durability and no other kind of shirts can really match up to the strength that this fabric has to offer. Your denim shirt is definitely going to become a staple in your daily wear.

2. Pair It With Anything

Denim shirts show a lot of flexibility when it comes to pairing it with other stuffs as well – from trousers and contrasting jeans, joggers, to even shorts, if you do it right, you will always receive the highest appreciation from your friends and other people around you. It is just one of the perks of having a denim shirt – the only thing to keep in mind is the color and if that is well directed, then your shirt is going to make quite the rounds in conversations and otherwise.

3. No Maintenance At All

Think of your most premium shirts and imagine this – how much of maintenance does these apparels need? A lot, right? Many of these need to get dry cleaned or need some special detergent that keeps them shining and revitalizes the texture. But, with denim shirts you need nothing of this-

All you get is a great shirt with amazing style and you just wash it as little as possible in the most normal way. If that isn’t a blessing, especially for bachelor guys, then what is?

4. Always In Style

Be it the formal denim shirt or otherwise, these apparels are always in style and you shall never see one that looks out of place, like it was from a different era. Manufacturers work really hard to give the apparel new tools, so that the shirt itself can stay relevant in time, and that is what everything boils down to.

So, the next time when you get slim fit denim shirts for yourself, you know why the shirt can do so much for your wardrobe and daily style. For now, you should just take a look at the different denim colors that are available in shirts!


Why Your Denim Shirt Could Be Your Numero Uno Wardrobe Choice?


4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!

Shirts are wardrobe staple for the working man and having the right collection of it could make or break your seasonal style game. So, if you do not want to lag the other dudes at your workplace, then this blog is the right one for you to read.

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Listing the top trends for men’s shirts in the spring – summer collection, we have come with our top picks that you need to get if you want to stay relevant. If you are interested, then keep reading right here –

1. The Denim Shirt With Tribal Fusion

The denim shirt has always been a great apparel for summers and this time it has fused with a little tribal design across the chest in a single line. It’s a cool and macho look that keeps it casual for the ultimate day wear combo and would really hit it off with the white stretchable jeans and loafers underneath. If you wanted to dress casual with a little high couture, then add a metal pendant with black string on your neck and wear a leather bracelet with metallic embellishments, just to drive the focus more into the tribal zone! A good look indeed.

2. The Light Colored Large Check Shirt

No, large doesn’t mean the size of the apparel itself, it implies the size of the checks on the shirt. These shirts are now the latest range and the light colors give way to the dark colored trousers that go very well with it. This shirt is a perfect choice for Friday dressing at workplace and you will find it with most of the top shirt suppliers you can find around you.

3. Block Color Floral Print

If you are in love in block colors and always tend to appreciate its variants in bulk wholesale shirts catalogs, then this one will be good for you. The colors are real and true, and the floral prints are always a summer thing blooming in your wardrobe. The popular fit of choice is slim, and half sleeves and you can wear it with chinos to beat the heat in style. Add in hats, shades, and other accessories like leather band watches according to your own sense of style.

4. The China Shirt

Inspired from shaolin style shirts, this one is worn well-fitted in block colors and the buttons are directly taken from shaolin monk shirts. It’s a cool style and a lovely shirt to wear on dates and parties, if that is the kind of thing you are into. Choose the kind of color depending on what your favorite is, and you will have added the right kind of apparel from your shirt supplier.

These are 4 types of shirts that are in this summer and if you are going to revamp the collection, then these should definitely be it. Just keep in mind, that class is forever, and style will always keep rolling its dice.


4 Shirt Designs To Buy For Men This Summer!



All You Need To Know About Polo Shirt Styles For Men

Do you know that is quite easy to style a polo shirt in a wrong way? Yes, a modest shirt like this can be on the wrong side of the men’s fashion formula if not worn with the correct complementary pieces and accessories. Even though you cannot go overboard with the accessories part but pairing them of the right colors with the outfit creates a flattering look for men. Just because you want to look cool inside out does not means your attire has to be sloppy. Hence to know about what pieces work well with the basic types of polo shirt to look hassle free and chic, read on the blog to find out. Retailers who want to buy bulk polo shirts can avail great discounts in their purchases by mailing their wholesale needs to the help desk of the brands.

bulk polo shirts

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Long sleeved polo shirts are a great clothing choice for places with erratic weather conditions. It can either be folded up to the arms or worn full sleeved. It defines a great casual look with a subtle hint of elegance attached to it and can be worn with neutral colored chinos/ trousers and loafers/boots. These shirts are usually slim fitted and creates a flattering silhouette on the men’s body. You can even consider substituting it for a normal shirt as a workwear clothing . Don’t try to layer other pieces with this shirt otherwise the whole design concept gets ruined.

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

The short sleeved polo shirt is especially designed for men who need a sense of comfort when it comes to their clothing choice. Many retailers can buy polo shirts wholesale of such quality from the renowned manufacturers in this area of expertise. Men can wear it with shorts or capri pants to give it a lounge wear perspective. This is a staple choice when it comes to athletes such as tennis players and golf players as these shirts are really comfortable on the skin and suitable for transforming a look from sporty to casual hence finding its derived spot in athleisure trends. . This shirt looks good with blazer and solid colored trousers during winter months too.

The Regular Fit

The regular fit polo shirt is the most common type of men’s shirt available in the market. These are a little snug in the sleeves area but loose in torso. This makes for an ideal wear if you have a body worth showing off or you’re on the slimmer side of the anatomy. If a solid colored polo shirt is paired with a classic washed jean and camel colored shoes , the outfit looks really great and is a simple style recipe that can be carried off by any man. The regular fit is available in various colors and designs in the collar and sleeve area hence it is versatile in nature.

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The Slim Fit

If you’re on the slimmer side of the body type , then you can opt for a slim fit polo shirt. Especially people who are into working out and body building ,this shirt works well as the abs, triceps and biceps are nicely emphasized as the shirt nicely fits to the body. This makes for a great outfit which is perfect for a night out or a date night with your girl. However, make sure that the fitting is not too tight or else it will not only get uncomfortable to wear but make you look tacky too.

Currently one of the popular polo manufacturers have come up with fresh designs in the menswear department owing to the growing demand in the popular polo shirt trend thanks to famous celebrities who are sporting it in smart ways nowadays.

Tips For Styling Men’s Shirt Into Women’s Wear

There’s something irresistible about putting on a man’s shirt and looking stylish with the right accessories. The process of turning an ordinary piece of man’s apparel into an extra-ordinary piece of clothing creates a lot of trendy outfits. Nowadays, manufacturers are selling wholesale men’s shirt of distinctive types that can be incorporated into different women’s clothes. Therefore, ladies who have no qualms in dressing up in a man’s shirt should go through the blog to know about the ways a man’s shirt can be styled as a woman’s outfit.

wholesale men shirts

1. A pair of skinny jeans and a belt is a super easy way to style a shirt for a casual day out . Extra points for choosing a hot belt that is chic and complements the color of the shirt. Boots especially in leather is a really great option to consider with this look.

2. Knot the shirt around your waist a little above the belly button. Wear it with a pair of olive green jeans or cargo pants to create a bare midriff, a very sassy approach to styling the shirt. Accessorize it with leather strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

3. Do you know you can create a strapless mini dress with a man’s shirt? That’s right! Button up the shirt without the sleeves and twist it around your waist and tie it around in a knot on the front. You can either wear it with denim shorts or leave it as it is depending on the length of the shirt.

4. Wear a men’s long white loose fitting shirt and solid black leggings with a belt around the waist. Knee high boots are the perfect shoes to create a city-girl look. Don’t forget to carry a tote bag and you’ll definitely feel like a woman ready to conquer the world.

5. If you want to feel like a boss lady, then you might as well look like one. Tuck a plaid pattern shirt with a pencil skirt and you’ll definitely turn heads in the board room. Team it up with glossy high heels to provide a finesse to the outfit.

6. The last but not the least, this is probably the easiest attire to put together . All you need is a pair of well worn jeans, a tee and a men’s shirt. Create a layered look by wearing the shirt over the top with the buttons open. An easy , simple and a functional look to help you through the day’s errands.

Wearing a man’s shirt and styling it is considered by most women to be really daunting but hopefully the above given ideas will act as a cheat sheet for them. Retailers can contact one of the best men’s shirt manufacturers and get hold of the customer care team to order bulk men’s shirt in best prices.


Tips For Styling Men’s Shirt Into Women’s Wear



The Fashion Trends Initiated By Kurt Cobain: Vintage Flannel Shirts To Oversized Everything

Kurt Cobain might have left the mortal world, but continues to shape pop culture, fashion, and music. His unapologetic style statements, that were anti-establishment were quite daring at that period, and the global fashion scene tries to reinvent them every now and then. Just like Audrey Hepburn has been the style force for women, similarly, Kurt Cobain has not ceased to dwell in today’s clothing industry too, be it through the flashy fashion magazines or the references of the style bloggers.

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Millennials today can easily relate with Cobain’s gender-subversive fashion choices, and hence currently a number of styles resonate Cobain’s existence amongst us. Most of the dominant trends of today’s age were first initiated by Kurt Cobain, and from vintage flannel shirts to oversized everything, here are some instances.

The Oversized Saga

Today’s contemporary streetwear essentials have a lot to do with oversized clothes, and this definitely traces back to Kurt Cobain’s grunge movement. The tees or jackets with elongated sleeves, overblown proportions, careless attitude and ballooning shapes that we are addicted to these days exude Kurt’s love for the ‘oversized everything’ saga. A 90’s throwback to be precise!

The Pajama Shirts

Do you remember spotting Kurt in pajama shirts for various events or shows? He was quite unconventional with his fashion choices and was confident enough to bring out the idea of wearing pajamas at bedroom to wearing something similar for other occasions as well. The runways are resonating with the ‘sleepwear as outerwear’ style idea, and this reminisces with Kurt’s habit of wearing the pajama linen silk shirts for social gatherings.

The Ripped and Destroyed Denim

We all love the trending “ripped jeans” look, don’t we? Well, it was Kurt Cobain who established this as the hallmark signature for grunge fashion. His nonchalant attitude made him wear the baggy denim which was majorly sandblasted, washed-out, worn-in, equipped with holes, shredded and ripped. The revival of these denim styles proves his fashion power.

vintage flannel shirts

The Flannel Shirts

You cannot speak of Kurt Cobain without mentioning about his habit of wearing the plaid flannel shirts. There has been a resurgence of the wholesale flannel shirts in the global fashion scene, loved by all sexes. This grunge uniform has been a part of the grunge style since ages and rocked the 90’s era. Though athleisure is surfacing these days, from celebs to common crowd, everyone is in love with flannels forever. The trend-proof closet essential can be worn in various ways, be it as layers, to formal shirts under suits, and as casual ones for weekends errands too.

Whenever stereotypes have been subverted in today’s glamorous style world, we cannot help but remember the legend, Kurt Cobain.


The Fashion Trends Initiated By Kurt Cobain: Vintage Flannel Shirts To Oversized Everything


Five Ways To Nail The Denim Shirt Look

A denim shirt is one such piece of clothing that goes with everything. It isn’t hard to style due to the fact that the fabric denim is available in variety of shades of blue and other colors! Retailers can find various styles among shirt manufacturers who cater to the need of specialized buyers. To rock the denim look with confidence, this blog can surely prove to be worth a read:

wholesale denim shirts

Denim on Denim Look

Initially the denim on denim rule was a big fashion no-no but gradually when celebrities started sporting the look, people also incorporated it as a basic style choice. You can opt for different shades of denim when you want to wear this outfit so that the attire does not look monotonous. You can also add a touch of oomph either with a blazer on top of the denim shirt or a cardigan beneath it so as to slay things in the coolest way.


Women can also buy a long denim shirt and dress it up with belt and/or grunge boots. Basically what you do is create a night out look with the addition of accessories of your choice. The long shirt can also be kept open, worn as a coat over other outfit when the air is crisp and cold, but you don’t want to look out of style.

Travel Partner

Denim shirts make for a great travel wear because the fabric is built for work and is extremely durable. The proof of its versatility lies in the fact that you can wear it in any kind of weather and terrain be it mountains, forests or beaches. The hardy nature of the fabric makes it for a stylish and efficient wear.

Feminine Touch

Sometimes the denim fabric adheres to the masculine look even if you want it to. Therefore to add a feminine touch to it, you can team it up with a floral or a lace skirt. Also you can wear it as a jacket over a dress so that it complements well. It not only gives the denim a girly look but is perfect for a day out with friends as well. Nowadays shirt manufacturers are analyzing the market and creating such pieces that are focused towards the female customers as well.


You can also experiment with your look by teaming up your denim shirt with leather pants. Another option would be with ties. Ideally you should only opt for such styles if you are confident enough to carry the look.

Historically, denim had a humble beginning. Created a as work wear for mine workers but now it has ascended to find a place in the popular culture and accepted widely due to its dynamism. Since it is easily available in a variety of choices making it one of the essential pieces of a fashion lover’s wardrobe.

To find such pieces in bulk amount you can opt for wholesale shirt suppliers who cater to your bulk buying needs in a seamless way. The best part is that the manufacturers keep on expanding their inventory regularly to keep up with the changing demands in the fashion industry.


Five Ways To Nail The Denim Shirt Look


Six Ways To Create a Maternity Style Staple

When you’re expecting a baby, the only thought that crosses your mind is “My clothes won’t fit me!”  For the next nine months you have the liberty to dress according to your wish breaking all the fashion rules. A staple item that becomes a part of your maternity wardrobe is custom maternity shirts. These are very easy to find and is available in variety of shapes and sizes, catering to the customer needs.

The crux of the matter is, primarily you want to feel comfortable for those months. With changing time, the would-be moms are also not leaving fashion behind when decking up their maternity wardrobe.

customized maternity shirts

Essential aspect

The maternity shirt becomes a constant companion of clothing for a specific timeline. An essential in nature , you would want to buy several of them in various colors so that you can interchange and wear them according to the situation you are entangled in!

Choosing the right pieces

Sometimes shopping for a maternity wear can be a tad bit hard given the fact that you cannot try on all the clothes. Therefore, stick to a specific size and style so as that you don’t purchase a wrong piece.


When you are back to your normal shape after delivery, you can actually wear it as an oversized shirt instead of keeping it bundled up in your wardrobe. With a few stiches here and there, it will actually look good as an oversized trendy shirt.

Create a refreshing look

If you’re headed for brunch with your best friends, consider wearing a funky belt with an oversized long plain shirt and leggings underneath. It will add a dash of color to an otherwise monotonous wardrobe.

Variety is need of the hour

Honestly, maternity shirts include a sub-category of different bunch of clothes like tee and workout vests as well. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear these clothes only for the purpose they are designed for. A gym vest is just fine for the days when it is glaringly hot.

Casually maternity tees both fitted and loose are a blessing as you can wear it according to your health situations.

Quirky pieces

Whoever said maternity pieces have to be boring and monotonous is absolutely wrong ! This is the ideal time to get inspired and inspire others as well. The shirts are available in variety of pop colors and prints. And if you’re an artsy would-be mom you can even paint a customized shirt for yourself with a  plain shirt and some fabric colors. From prints to motifs to beads, you name it and the canvas is all yours.

Investing in maternity clothes is not at all a bad idea as long as you are utilizing it well after your pregnancy is over. Because nothing is as miserable as a few bunch of clothes bought for a special purpose and abandoned when the purpose is solved.

There are many retailers who are upgrading their stock with fresh designs of wholesale maternity shirts that are available from leading wholesale shirt manufacturers in the USA!


Six Ways To Create a Maternity Style Staple


The Not So Basic Men’s Shirt: A Brief!

A shirt is one of the staple items of a man’s basic wardrobe. You can team it up with any kind of bottom wear and can never go wrong in the style department. It is comfortable and requires less maintenance. A basic white shirt with comfortable khaki trousers or blue jeans spells effortless elegance. It is not only available in various fits but also in different styles as well.

Buying a shirt is a wise fashion investment, as you can wear it all year long. It is a classic piece which does not calls for a specific occasion and is quite versatile in nature. Ideally, you should buy shirt that is either cotton or linen as it is breathable and lightweight in texture.  For retailers who want to cater to the needs of the single buyers, approaching one of the best wholesale men’s shirts suppliers is the key as the retailers can beef up their stock with the best variety.

mens shirts wholesale


Sticking to basic colors is important in buying a shirt as it complements well with the other items of clothing that you wear with it. The basic colors are generally, white, black and navy. But sometimes you can opt for beige also. Owning these colors also makes it easy for you to choose the shirt for the type of event you want to wear it for.


The fit of the shirt is also of great importance. Because obviously you would not want a shirt that does not complement your body type. The shirt generally comes in two basic types of fit : Slim Fit and Relaxed fit. Relaxed fit is for those men who have an average body type  and a slim fit works well for the worked-out body.


Not only this , the shirt also comes in different styles like  plain collars and Chinese collars to full as well as half sleeves. It is recommended that buy one  that suits your personal style instead of following a fashion trend blindly. A shirt is essential for travelling as well. Especially when you will have to go to the office immediately after hectic business meetings. A shirt which is versatile in nature can also be packed for a business tour and can also act as the casual attire post the strict business meeting.

Sustainable factor

Ideally a man’s wardrobe should consist of those bespoke items of clothing that are limited but well complementary to each other. The shirt is a primary part of it.  It should not consist of  such items that are bought on a whim and are useless and uncomfortable to wear.

Now that people have started getting conscious of the type of clothes they are wearing and its impact on the environment and human beings in general you can opt for fabrics that are ethically made and are eco-friendly. Even reversible shirts are also a cool option because you are buying a piece that can be worn two ways with the price of one.  In this  way you are not harming the environment but also ensuring  that your money goes into the right fashion business.

There are reputed wholesale mens shirt manufacturers who are helping retailers with the best variety of shirts that the business owners can purchase in bulk. So if you are a retailer willing to add that zing to your stock, get in touch with one of the noted manufacturers in USA, now!


The Not So Basic Men’s Shirt: A Brief!


The Life and Times of Polo and How it Came to Be!

Polo shirts are a staple in the elite man’s wardrobe and has over time found its way into a number of games that have been mostly associated with the upper strata of the Western society. Also known as the tennis shirt and golf shirt, this is as utility clothing as it gets, and is often a good fit for all kind of formal, semi-formal, and in recent times, even casual events.

First developed by then tennis superstar Rene Lacoste in the late 1920’s, it was meant to be a more comfortable alternative to the prevalent tennis wear of the age, a button down shirt with cuffed sleeves and starched collars. Lacoste instead designed a shirt with short sleeves and a collar with placket having no more than 3 buttons. One of the signatures of this type of shirt was introduced then and is today known as the ‘tennis tail’, because of the back tail of the shirt is longer than the front.

Into Other Games

Much to the delight of polo manufacturers that were making the shirt then, the apparel quickly started making sense for other sports as well. It was when this shirt gained wide spread appreciation from the polo fraternity, that the name started catching on.

wholesale polo shirts

Polo shirts are made from knitted fabric which can come from cotton, silk, or even modern day synthetic microfiber cloth (which is how you can now wear polo to your workouts as well). Over time, the shirt also became acceptable in golf, another leisure of the elite macho man. It is these kind of associations that made the polo popular, even among the masses and their effort to identify with the rich and famous.

Today’s Scenario

From Lacoste’s design to being proclaimed the uniform top wear for polo players, polo or tennis shirts have come a long way from its inception in the 1920s. Today custom polo shirt manufacturers are going all the way with different patterns and blends of microfiber fabrics from polyester to nylon, and prints, from regular to sublimated.

Now, wholesale polo manufacturers  have tried all kinds of things to make it more appealing to the youth as well – barring just middle aged rich people. Let’s take a look at some of the changes that you can see in the polo in 2018 –

Polo Shirt Suppliers Like Variety

Polo today is not just limited to solid colors and you can find everything – from stripes to checked and even geometric prints. These new apparels have one the heart of millions and while the age-old classic still lives on a healthy dose of style and appeal, polo in general has come a long way, as it comes closer to its century mark!

polo shirts supplier

Contrasting Pockets

Contrasting pockets have now become quite the thing in the polo loving community and with good reason. These have added a new more dynamic fashion appeal and broken away from the stipulated polo look that has been as bland and necessary as the every morning English breakfast.

A Part of Modern Workout Wear

While it was always a part of sportswear, it has now even made its way to your weight racks. More men and women today are wearing moisture wick polo shirts as part of their workout wardrobe and it is definitely working. The manufacturers have made sure that these shirts do not hinder any movement and give only the best of experience to workout goers.

This is how the polo story was written and we, the lovers of polo, will have to wait and watch to see how the apparel evolves and adapts further. However, the lasting thought on your mind should be the fact that Rene Lacoste was indeed successful in making a shirt that can adapt, as it continues to do, even today!

Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!

Have you ever thought that the choices we make in life say a little more than what we intend to? It gives out a little bit of our personality; and while all of it is not an exact science, there is definitely something that you could get about yourself, or your friends, depending on their favorite shirt!

Excited? Well, it would make sense to be. Each of the shirt types that are going to be discussed below are different from one another and no matter what your pick is, it must have a close relationship with at least one of them. Let’s take a look at the popular ones –

  1. Dress Shirts

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a new dress shirt stacked on a retail store is neat and organized. If one were to think a little more, then words like reserved, dependable, and formal would spring into mind. All of these qualities are not far off from people who find dress shirts to be their soul shirt and want to wear them all the time. You must have seen that guy in your office, who wears one even on Fridays. Well, now you know what kind of a person he is, and if you already did, tell us how on point we are about his personality!

dress shirts manufacturers

  1. Tee Shirts

The favorite of almost all wholesale clothing supplier companies, tee shirts are a definite star in the casual clothing department. People who love t shirts are generally anything but monotonous and formal. They love their laidback attitude, are minimalistic, and yet do not mind wearing something wacky every now and then. Most of the t shirt crowd can be seen in the dot com millionaire people, and they are everything of the above. T shirts also have a lot options in design and people who are open to trying this, often make more creative choices in life.

tee suppliers

  1. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been a men’s staple and people who think it is their favorite shirt have qualities like classy and a lover of finer things in life. They also like to have their share of fun and much like the polo itself, they know how to blend with different crowds and still stand their ground. This shirt comes with plenty of options in color and design and people who are open to the new age of polo also have the quality to go out of their comfort zone and try new things in life without any sort of prejudice about things. So, if you or your friend are a polo lover, and have these qualities, then you can well realize how much your shirt says about you!

wholesale polo shirts

  1. Party Shirts

Of course, these are for the wild ones. The untamable, who like to live their life unapologetically. Party shirts come with silk make and beautiful prints and that is what makes it such a favorite among people who like to live large. The mavericks have nothing on anybody, and party shirts are definitely their favorite for a number of reasons. These people are extravagant, spendthrift, and like an opulent lifestyle, something that matches their shirt!

shirts manufacturer

All of these 4 types are available with almost every shirt supplier and they are the main ones on the block. So, just scroll up for your favorite type or your friend’s, and get to know more about their personality! Who knows, it might give you some insight on the person you have been planning to ask out.


Find Out What Your Favorite Shirt Tells About You!


Things to Take Care of Before You Start a Private Label Clothing Line!

The apparel industry is booming right now, thanks to all the people being bitten by the social media bug, who are hell bent on making their lives look amazing in the virtual world. However, that’s not a bad thing, since so many people are being able to make a lot of money with their apparel retail or distribution business doing their job for them.

private label shirts supplier

But, this blog looks to help out fashion entrepreneurs who are looking to get into the market and busy googling ‘how to start a private label clothing line’ while actually finding little to no help on the internet. There are certain things that they need to take care of before they can even start looking for the necessary private label business places, making websites, e-commerce presence and the likes. So, if you are still wondering what we are talking about, here’ s a list of a few things that you need to worry about, before starting the actual process –

Decide on your apparel genre

Private label owners differ from regular apparel retailers; they are not just looking to sell products that are branded by some other company. Rather, these label owners are looking to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. And for that to happen, one needs to have a collection that is unique and stands out – or in other words designer. This is one of the main reasons why most private label brands just stick to a genre of clothing – like casual, formal, athleisure, suits, etc. However, there are also a few of them who just focus on bringing the best of one kind of apparel. That is what they want to be remembered by or that is what they feel they should revolutionize.

So, if you have a calling like that for shirts, then that is what your private label brand should make and sell. Incorporating your designs and making each of them unique, so that your consumer, gets to pay for something that only a few people have!

Read More at 

How to Start a Private Label Shirts’ Brand : A Comprehensive Guide!

Find a Manufacturer  

Not all manufacturers make private label clothing and there is reason behind it. This type needs a lot of customization infrastructure and workforce that most of the new producers just do not have. Therefore, it will not be easy to find one that makes private label and produces the quality you are looking for, which in turn depends on the kind of target market you are aiming at. All in all, if you are looking to open an only shirts private label company, then you should aim for a manufacturer who is reputable and has the goods to make and deliver your bulk orders in time.

Research and Analysis

These are the two things you should look to settle before you start planning your private label business model. Once you have this homework done, a good exercise would be to take a look at the market conditions of the place where you are hoping to get the store open. All of these things will factor into your business success, it is just a matter of how well informed you are before you take the leap and invest thousands of dollars.

Getting these three things done as fast as possible could make it really easy for you to set up your private label clothing line and also ensure its success. So, get started and do it the right way, and you will hit jackpot in future!


Things to Take Care of Before You Start a Private Label Clothing Line!