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Get The Appealing Style Statement In Wholesale Polo Shirt Range This Season

The legitimate addition of polo tees to your closet is the most fascinating thing the style lovers can do, and you can never get tired of these classic polos. From being the closet staple for the men to being associated with women today, these have come a long way in the global fashion scene, and no more just carries a classy appeal but are funky options, too.

The polo tees are extremely smart looking classic outfits that can transform your wardrobe to something utterly plan to very stylish. Men look dapper in the polos and important factors to remember are size, shape, buttons and logos while wearing them.  From flattering your body shape to helping you echo class, you can complete a look with the polos with perfection.


mens wholesale polo shirts


Here are some of the most hip and happening wholesale polo shirt style statements for the hunky men.

Smart and cutting –edge

It is time to tweak your basic smart stance and wear the polo shirt with a summer suit and a complementary trouser. Also, to make it modern, opt for a white trainer instead of a loafer, giving the ultimate casual look a contemporary edge that you can carry with confidence.

Casually careless

If you are looking forward to wearing the polo shirt in a casual way, then you should add layering game to the polo shirt, sans a blazer. The most novel idea would be wearing a jacket with any colored polo and black pants. For the ultimate finishing edge that you would like to offer, finish this look with a pair of brown shoes.

The preppy look for weekend errands

If you are an amateur to wear the polo shirt for the first time, you can always stick to the neutral and dark toned ones crafted by leading polo shirts for men wholesale hubs. These colors always work, especially when pairing your look with a staple bomber jacket and as an accessory; you can always team the look up with a beanie cap.

The art of wearing dress pants

You might think it would be a sin to mix and match the men’s wholesale polo shirts with the dress pants, but this is wrong.  Just make sure that the polo shirt must hit the waistband, and should have a very sleek shape and length and then pair your belt with your shoes for added chic.


Get The Appealing Style Statement In Wholesale Polo Shirt Range This Season


3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know

You saw so many apparel distributors making big money. It looked the industry is booming. So you decided, without much of the thoughts, to start a distribution company yourself—because why not!

Few months forward, you’re a clothing distributor. But only without the turnover that once gleamed your eyes. Reality is settling now. The industry is indeed booming. But that doesn’t guarantee high return if your move isn’t backed by the right strategies and overall approach.

The happy-to-go stories of successful apparel distributors don’t underline their core strategies. How are they reaching their clients, how have they priced their collection, who’s their partnering manufacturer and so forth.

flannel shirts wholesale distributors


We’ll spill some beans here…

Here are 3 killer secrets of top clothing distribution companies that you always wanted to know:

  1. They act according to the latest market trends

In this new age of doing business, it’s all about seizing the right opportunities at the right time to maximize returns. Top clothing distributors follow the same mantra.

Trendy flannels shirts are (still) making a lot of noise on the fashion scene, touting mass appeal among both women and men. They are red-hot in demand. So guess what type and varieties of wears the successful distribution companies are focusing more on these days?


They are striving to become the best flannel shirts wholesale distributors above all—because that’s what making them more money.

  1. They DON’T have the “top manufacturers” by their side

Everyone is claiming to be the ‘top clothing manufacturer’ these days—even the new market players. This is quite confusing not just for the distributors but also other business owners down the funnel—how to find the right manufacturer who’s truly good enough with quality collection and affordable pricing.

Top apparel distributors don’t run after the “best” manufacturers. They do their research thoroughly and find a partner that’s reputed and reliable with collection that matches their own long-term goals.

  1. They have a robust pricing strategy

Contrary to what many believe, pricing strategy plays just as a crucial role in the wholesale market as in the retail. In the wholesale clothing market, there are many segments with their own distinct needs, requirements and budget. Some strictly want best cheap flannel shirts, others are fine paying much higher for the same wears.

When you have a non-flexible pricing of your collection, not only are you letting go the opportunities to cut big profit margin but also are sighing away lots of prospect, long-term customers.

Top apparel distributors have a robust pricing strategy. They target different segments with different pricing. Plus they also effectively use discounting schemes to drive quick sales.

These are 3 killer secrets of successful clothing distributors. If you want to make just as much money as them, follow their paths and the journey ahead would be much smoother.


3 Killer Secrets of Top Clothing Distributors That You Always Wanted To Know


The Widest Array Private Label Dress Shirts That Men Should Have In Their Closets

From date nights, to formal occasions, semi-formal functions, business meetings and more, the one outfit that men can count on has to be the dress shirt. The most versatile closet staple, the handsome dashing men can never go wrong in them. There was a time when the dress shirts used to look dull and boring with few colors available, and today, the wholesale designers are bringing in a wide array of colors style, cuts, and designs to give way to a variety that can help men pull off different types of attires and style statements.

You might dread that what if you end up being in the average, ordinary solid colored dress shirt and look like the rest without any unique appeal? Today, the leading retailers have come up with the most state- of- the-art range of dress shirts that embody class and smartness.


private wholesale clothing distributors


Here are some of the fresh new private label dress shirts brought in by the leading private label clothing brands that symbolise style in a redefined manner.

Cotton Flannel Tailored Dress Shirt

One of the best looking dress shirt designs available in the market today, the cotton flannel tailored dress shirt style is a closet must have. Found in dark shades and neutral hues, from the blacks to greys and maroons, this shirt design fits everyone perfectly for being tailored with amazing line and length. Also, the use of smooth and fine textured cotton flannel shirt vouches on comfort and durability.

The Inner Contrast Dress Shirts

From first date to family dinner, add some prep to your classy look in the inner contrast dress shirts that come in a combination of two colors that fuse together proportionately. The buttoned area and the inner collar come in a different shade, and the body has a different color tone. The wise uses of colors make these shirts fashionable, and add to one’s sophisticated appeal effortlessly.

The Pastel Shaded Slim Dress Shirts

The pastel shaded slim dress shirts might flare out at the bottom, and hence look the best with sleekness when you tuck them in to get the right contemporary edge. They also come in the contrasting combination of light and dark shaded colors, one being a pastel and the other being the neutral tone. Wear them to the evening parties to get a very elegant silhouette.

The Plaid Trim Dress Shirts

The plaid trim on the sleeves, collar, and pockets are what makes the plaid trim dress shirts look so unique. These come in a range of soft and dark colors exuding a very wow-worthy appeal, and worthy to be worn at family gatherings or even at the semi-formal occasions. They are of good quality and fit snugly and the wearers don’t need to think much about wearing cuff links with these because the sleeves are meant to be turned inside out to show the design pattern.

The Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

The nice and comfortable wrinkle free dress shirts crafted by private wholesale clothing distributors mostly come with contrasting colored lining and are perfect for special occasions, business wear, casual, or formal events. These are very different and unique, and also don’t need to be pressed every now and then, hence can be easily maintained.

The Two Toned Checkered Dress Shirts

For the casual occasions then you would like to wear the dress shirts and carry class, the two toned checkered dress shirts come checkered with solid long sleeves and a designed inside collar and sleeve.


The Widest Array Private Label Dress Shirts That Men Should Have In Their Closets


This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!

Since their inception in the 17th century, flannel shirts have managed to stay in the spotlight for all the right reasons. While it has elevated to become one of the most loved pieces in a man’s wardrobe, there has been significant twists and tweaks added to it as well. But they are the epitome of a man’s wardrobe. With fall approaching fast, it is only but obvious that it is the time they get all the attention. To make them attention worthy, here are three unique ways to wear them. Keep scrolling down to make some changes in your personal style statement.

One the street inspiration

Now, before you go on to make your own deductions, let us get clear about one thing- street inspiration is based on balancing the inclinations of the street with the subtlety of the general trends. Still confused? Well, it is about going cool but looking smart. Now, that is an easy rendition of the theory. With more and more fashion conscious millennial hunks opting for the supreme comfort of this ensemble, it is only but obvious that this particular styling combination finds a mention even on the most elite of the list. To pull off the street inspired sartorial combination, you need to team your flannel shirt with a pair of chinos. Most of us are suckers for a dark shirt and light bottoms, so that remains the choice of shades. Furthermore, complete the look with a pair of white plimsolls and throw over a green bomber jacket on top to not only keep yourself protected from the chilly fall winds but also to stand out everywhere you go.

wholesale flannel shirts

Strictly casual

With most of the lot turning to the street, which is basically combining the smart and casual together, focusing entirely on casual is just as important. When it comes to flannel shirts, this is the first combination that comes to our mind. But rather than going old-school textbook look, try for something different, something refreshing. Team your red flannel shirt available with wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers with a pair of knee length denim shorts. A little more casual, a little less grunge. A pair of sneakers and you will be good to go. The basic idea behind this ensemble is to provide utmost comfort without compromising on the style quotient. Also, with this attire, you can sport two of the most popular trends of the season- flannel and denim- together without looking flashy or funny.

For those conventional days

A flannel shirt is many things and it is definitely sharp when you need it to be. Flannel shirts bulk manufacturers know the full potential of flannel shirts and leave no opportunity to utilize it. For years, flannel shirts have been associated with the rough and grunge appearance, not paying heed to the other side of this extremely flamboyant piece of fashion. All you need is a red flannel shirt that you can wear under a perfectly fitted suit, in black! While the entire ensemble stands out as being conventional and smart, the appeal is truly stunning. Complement the attire with a pair of derby and a nice belt that will not only hold the clothes together but also add to the totality of the look.

Thus, which one are you planning to try out this fall?

Whichever one you opt for, remember to keep the attires simple. Let the flannel shirts work their charm on the onlookers, on the ladies! *wink wink*

Manufacturers of bulk flannels have the best shorts displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk while securing massive discounts.


This Fall, Wear You Flannel In Three New Unique Ways!


5 Completely Respectable Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt This Fall

A polo shirt demands respect and when you wear it not caring much about anything, well, it is not a pretty sight. Though there is no staunch dress code for wearing polo shirts, there sure is a way! Polo shirts have a charm about them which can’t be ignored. This fall wears your polo shirts in stylish yet respectable ways. To know more, keep reading the following points.


wholesale polo shirt suppliers


  • For a very casual appearance, wear a bright colored polo shirt along with a pair of black jeans and military boots. The look is simple yet effective. There is no need to depend on accessories or motifs. Just let the polo shirt stand out on its own and work its charm.


  • If you are up for a conventional look that balances smart and casual perfectly, then team a black polo shirt with a grey Ensure that the fit is perfect and highlights your physique. Complement the entire ensemble with a pair of derby and aviators. Smart and sexy! Wholesale polo shirt suppliers have an inventory of black polo shirts that retort to the comfort as well.


  • A printed polo shirt is an idealistic pick for the summer. Tuck it in a pair of slim fit jeans and use a belt to hold the pieces together. A pair of suede boots will give you the very gentlemanly old-school appearance. As for the polo shirt, opt for any citrus inspired shade, for instance, lime green, orange or yellow.


  • Polo shirts and shorts work really well with each other. While polo lends a sharp look, shorts are the ultimate casual piece. Pick a pair of navy knee-length shorts and team it with a vibrantly printed polo shirt (but the pattern should complement the color of the rest of the attire). Wear navy plimsolls and retro shades to look awesomely charming and defiantly comfortable.


  • To get the maximum flamboyance of a polo shirt, team it with a pair of jeans and throw over an unstructured jacket on top. Pick a polo shirt in a mono shade so as to let it anchor the entire ensemble. For footwear, opt for a pair of loafers to maintain the fundamentalism with a twist.

Thus, this fall, wear your polo shirt in different ways and impress the onlookers. Keep it refreshing and opt for colors that are eye-soothing. Never overdo your polo shirt or else be prepared to look ostentatious. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have an inventory that displays polo shirts in a list of shades. Interested retailers can make a purchase in bulk while securing massive discounts.


5 Completely Respectable Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt This Fall


The Black T Shirt Wholesale Pieces Now Can Get The Twist With Chic Style Ideas

The tees might seem simple and plain, but they are versatile enough to wrap you in a wide array of style definitions. These are the most important closet staples that men and women must own, to have a variety of fashion statements, be it formal, semi-formal, chic or utterly casual.  The black tees are actually gorgeous and equally smart for different occasions to head with confidence. Available in a wide array of cuts, styles, designs, and necklines or sleeves, these plain and simple black tees must have a place in your wardrobe for the most intriguing attire options.

wholesale t-shirts

The wholesale manufacturers and designers are bringing in the widest assortment of the black t shirt wholesale pieces in different fabrics. You get attires in synthetic for the gym classes to cotton and silk, too. These are readily available in different sizes at the retail outlets and leading online fashion destinations.

To own them with confidence, here are some of the most hip and happening style ideas to try.

The all Black Ensemble

The all black sleek ensemble is the most fashion forward of all style stances, and is an incredibly easy look to pull together. Collate the different black items of your closet, like the plain black tee with denims, and black leather or bomber jacket, and leather boots to give way to a very stylish appealing silhouette.

The Black Crop Tee Scenes

For the ultimate casual look, pair your plain crop black tee with a pair of high-waist jeans. The midriff can be showed off this way with sexiness, whereas the brown boots go great with these attires as you roll up the bottom of the denim pant.

The Perfect Edgy Combo

What is better than tucking one of the black wholesale t-shirts with the leather mini skirt of any color? If you are heading out for a night on the town for a party to attend on the weekend, look sartorial and simple in the black tee with patterned leather mini skirt, and add the printed kimono or some other jacket style with this.  Also, instead of the boots, you can get going with the sneakers for a much required twist!

t shirt wholesale pieces

The Vintage Shenanigans

Looking forward for a classy vintage look? This is definitely possible in the black plain tee as you layer it up with the classic grunge styled flannel plaid shirts as a layering.  This is an effortless look accessorised with a funky hat, and rather than buttoning them all the way up, keep it open and show off your plain black tee worn below!

The Fusion Stance

Get a fusion of feminine and smart silhouettes as you wear the black tee with a pleated transparent midi or long skirt, in plain pastel shade, neutral tone or jazzy prints.  You can totally tuck in the tees for a polished look, or just keep it hung loose at the front to channel your edgy stance.

The Timeless Denim Overalls

The style stance of pairing their overalls with cropped tops is in craze and hence you might just wear yours with a simple black tee-shirt. Add the sneakers with this, and the beanie cap acting as a perfect accessory to add a dash of panache to your attire.

The Social Occasions

Be it cruise parties or engagement parties in the evening, you can pair the crop black top crafted by one of the leading t shirt manufacturers with a flowing long net or lacy black skirt.


The Black T Shirt Wholesale Pieces Now Can Get The Twist With Chic Style Ideas


The Tips and Tricks To Remember While Shopping Plus Size Wholesale Tops and Tees

Curvy has been the new sexy these days, and the plus size women are dictated by the fashion experts to embrace their flabs and turn them absolutely fab.  These women often go through a lot of confusion on how and which style trends to choose from the innumerable number of fashion statements available today.  From the right fabrics to complementing necklines, a lot of things are to be considered before buying the tops and tees for the fashionable curvy women, who love to have their individual style stance with confidence.




The leading wholesale plus size clothing manufacturers and designers are bringing in a wide array of options for the curvy women in an array of styles, colors, cuts, and designs to satiate them fully.


Here are some of the tricks to keep in mind while shopping for plus size wholesale tops and tees.

Choose The Right Fabric

To know which fabric is flattering to your body type would ensure the best shopping experience for you, and you can end up looking your best. For summers, you can choose breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetic ones like polyester, and in winters, flannels would be great if you do not want to look too fluffy in the furs and woollen ones.

Be Daring to Embrace The Crop Tops

To show off the right number of curves in a sexy crop top, you can pick a sassy, classic retro top, offering the vintage vibe. Crop tops tend to look amazing and super smart on fuller-figured girls and you can show off your midriff with confidence if you choose the right style of the crop tops.  Wear them with trousers or the skirts accordingly.

Pick The Right Size to Flaunt Your Curves

Instead of going for the oversized and sloppy clothes, you must choose the right sized garments that help you to embrace your curves, and flaunt them with ease and flair. Instead of camouflaging your body, you should flatter your body type with right fitted tops and tees to give way to a defined silhouette.


plus size wholesale


The Fit and Flare Tops

As the saying goes that the fit and flare tops look good on any body type and we all have at least one in the closet!

The Loose-Fitted Halter Tops

In summers, if you intend to show some skin, you can choose the loose- fitted simple and casual halter tops. They are very hot and help your underarms to breathe and still look totally flirty. Wear them with denim shorts at the beach to get the perfect beach look.

Thus, choose the best tops crafted by the leading wholesale plus size clothing suppliers and look great effortlessly!



The Tips and Tricks To Remember While Shopping Plus Size Wholesale Tops and Tees



3 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Flannel Shirt and How to Wear Them

Flannel shirts- so much have been written and spoken about them, yet it seems nothing. Such is the charm of a flannel shirt. if you are still wondering why you should have them and how to wear them, then keep scrolling down for much has been discussed below.


Now to really answer this question, one has to completely understand that flannel has a long history. It was first introduced to the world by the Scottish farmers who wanted to wear something protective to fight the harsh Scottish winter. Little did they know that this one piece would revolutionize the fashion world! But keeping the jokes aside, here are three good reasons why every man needs a flannel shirt.


Customized Flannel Shirts


  • A flannel shirt is constructed out of flannel. Good use of common sense. However, flannel is usually weaved from two types of fabrics, popularly cotton and wool. While cotton flannel is great for the hotter months, wool flannel is thick and keeps you warm.
  • Flannel is considered to be one of the most comfortable fabrics ever. It keeps you at ease no matter what the weather is; just pick them up with the right ingredient (refer to the point above).
  • Flannel is uber stylish and versatile. Though it has a long history of being associated with grunge and casual seating, flannel has come a long way and can be considered the most flamboyant piece ever. Be it for a formal occasion or for a casual gathering, the simplest of checkered flannel shirts ensemble works an immense


Now the real question is, asked by millions, how do you wear a flannel shirt? There are millions of permutation and combination on how to wear a flannel shirt, however, let us focus on the two most popular styles- one for casual and one for smart casual.

For casual- When going for the casual get-go, the easiest way to wear a flannel shirt is to throw it over a plain t-shirt. A white tee, a pair of jeans, sneakers and the flannel shirt thrown over casually is spontaneous and natural with impact enough to melt hearts. This one particular combination works well on chilly evenings as well for the shirt acts as a jacket. While the basic shades for flannel always work, you can also opt for customized flannel shirts for they have a charm of their own.

For smart casual- This is trading over risky waters, however, get it right and you are good to go! Pick a structured suit in grey or dark blue and wear the flannel shirt underneath. Stick to darker shades that complement the tone of the suit. Derby for footwear and attitude for accessory; your colleagues will praise you.

On that note, a flannel shirt is the best friend that a man can have. It sits in the wardrobe with all glory and we have justified that having them in our closet is the best thing ever.

With custom flannel shirt displayed in their inventory, top manufacturers are open to selling them to interested retailers. For the retailers- you can register with them online and get unlimited access to the massive inventory.


3 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Flannel Shirt and How to Wear Them


The Wholesale Polo Shirt Styles That Men Must Have In Their Closets This Season

The vintage polo shirts are back in the global fashion scene, and men can never stay away from them. Today, with the transformation of the global fashion scene, the polo shirts also come in an array of contemporary designs that add the must needed twist to the closets of men. The versatile polo shirts have been redefined with modish edge today, so that you can look timeless and preppy at the same time.  The leading wholesale designers are coming with brand new collections of the polo shirts that are available readily at the retail stores.

Mens Polo Shirts Manufacturers

The online fashion destinations these days have come up with wide new styles of the polo tees that will recreate your style statements for the better.   Through them, you can carry a wide array of novel looks suiting the occasion you are heading to.

Here are some of the wholesale polo shirt designs that you must have in your closet.

The Logo Embossed Polo Tees

The classy and very preppy range of logo embossed polo tees come in different styles, that can be worn to any occasion you head to, from the workplaces parties to meetings to casual outings.  The logo embossed polo tees are highly fashionable, and can be worn with denims or trousers to get the most hip and happening silhouettes.

The Monochromatic Fun

If you are looking for some simple look that can be carried to the formal events, then the monochromatic polo shirts in the neutral tones, or the pastel shades would be the perfect outfit for you.  These polo tees work great for the social functions that you need to attend with the blazers and get semi-formal elegant attire done perfectly.  You can carry the polo shirts here for a different style option, instead of the old formal shirts being carried every time.

Designer Polo Shirts Wholesale

The Elegant Checks or Stripes?

Today, with a lot of variation being introduced in the polo shirts fashion, men can also experiment their looks with the striped or plaid polo shirts that define modern twist. These striped or plaid shirts come in different color combination, and can be pulled off easily for the casual occasions, be it with denims or chinos.

The Neon Touch

If you are looking for the perfect clothing idea at the beach or pool party, and want to dress up with something new, you have the neon colored polo shirts, or the ones that come with neon collars.  These are easy to dress up, and look great with the pool or beach shorts with simple flip flop footwear.  Wear them for the most preppy and funky looks being delivered. The leading designer polo shirts wholesale hubs are bringing in these vibrant polos to cater to the youth.

Thus, with the reputed mens polo shirts manufacturers bringing in the best novel collections of polo shirts, you get more options to choose from.

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The Wholesale Polo Shirt Styles That Men Must Have In Their Closets This Season