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A Complete Understanding Of How To Wear Polo Shirts

Their exact date of origin is still a mystery, but as per popular beliefs, polo shirts made their first appearance in India in the late 19th century. The unique design of polo was too hard to avoid and was soon upgraded from sports clothing to a daily casual wear. Since then, polo has reigned supreme in the fashion circuit scenario. Men love to wear them and the reason is only but understandable. The shirts are comfortable, suited for a variety of occasions, look classically smart and can be worn with almost any other outfit. But is this information and undying love for polo enough to carry off the shirt? Are we missing out on something? To know more about the know-hows of polo shirts, read on. A variety of factors has been summarized as given below.

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The Fabric of the polo

Since polo serves as an all-rounder, a variety of fabrics are used to craft them. Cotton is a popular choice given that it ensures to keep you comfortable regardless of the season and weather. Polyester is often used to craft the polo shirts which are worn when playing sports for a reason simple enough- to absorb the sweat and keep you dry. Linen has become extremely popular in the recent years due to its long lasting facilities, it’s high breathability (hence comfortable to wear) and its ability to add dimension to the shirt. Sometimes wholesale polo shirts as available with prominent manufacturers are constructed using a blend of all these fabrics so as to provide you with everything that you can possibly ask for.

The Fit of the polo

Though there are a lot of arguments regarding this particular topic, but instead of counter arguing, let’s just focus on the fact. When it comes to the fit of the polo shirt, one must remember that the size matters a lot. A slim fit that enhances your body perfectly, the sleeves should be short and fitted, and the hem should end just below the belt line, is what you should be looking for. Too tight a polo shirt or too loose one will not contribute anything to your look, only adding to your plight. So a well-fit polo is the signature of a well-dressed man.

50 shades of polo

Polo shirts can come in a variety of shades that may very well range from dark solid shades to bright vibrant textures. The general preference usually stoops towards opting for plain polo shirts as it looks smarter and craftier some prefer the nifty stripe pattern as well. Men who are usually daring with their clothing expeditions often opt for quirky prints. However, as a word of caution, please ignore the use of big logos as they look ostentatious on all levels (and practically stupid).

How to wear polo

Polo shirts are versatile and that has already been very well established. You now know about their fabric and fit and color, but do you know how to wear them? No? Then yes, keep reading, the article is not done yet.

  • For a casual approach to your polo (long or short sleeves), you can match them with a pair of joggers and white trainers. Mind the length and pick a dark color, you are good to go. There is absolutely no need to overdo the accessories. Shoes work just fine.
  • When wearing a polo shirt for a formal occasion, try to maintain the conventional approach by teaming your shirt with a structured blazer and a pair of straight leg trousers. A pair of leather loafers will render the appearance a smart finish.
  • If you are down with the summer heat, and want to get into the holiday mode, then you can team your polo shirt (a printed one) with a pair of knee length shorts and loafers to look awesomely cool. Oh, and a straw hat for the cheeky guise!


Thus, as a final word, now that you know everything, literally everything about a polo shirt, wear it correctly. Celebrated manufacturers have assembled an entire range of cheap polo shirts wholesale that can be purchased by retailers in bulk while securing massive discounts.


A Complete Understanding Of How To Wear Polo Shirts

Bored Of The Black and White Striped Shirts? Brand New Style Ideas For You

An undisputed wardrobe staple, the black and white striped shirt has been always solving our fashion woes too. Though they sound boredom and monotony at times for being available only in two three styles, still they remain to rule our wardrobes, amidst the gorgeous little black dress or the simple rand regular denim pant. Successfully carrying a legacy since time immemorial, this style has become a classic design. If you have amassed a goo variety of them, in the form of formal shirt, crop tee, tee and tank, you are sure to get a number of silhouettes effortlessly for different occasions.

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The black and white color combination makes them near to a very perfect and versatile piece of clothing, and be it the tee or shirt, you can easily carry them to casual outings or parties. Now that you have worn them since a really long time, and feels like forever, still completely in love with this outfit style, don’t let yourself get exhausted with the style possibilities. We have brought in some of the exclusive and trendy style ideas to revive the striped shirts wholesale pieces.

In that colourful skater skirt

The color blocked skater skirt will lend a very modish twist and vivacious edge to the monotonous striped tee or shirt. Tuck it to the skirt, or add a knot at the bottom to get a very quirky look. This is a very good monochromatic look with a bold dose of color. Keeping the look simple like this, you can make the striped top stand out tall.

Carry the winter swag

Winter might sound very boring, and the striped shirt could add more monotony to it. But the fashion experts have brought in a very hip and happening style idea, dictating you to wear this top with a trench coat. The trench coat in brown with the striped top, pumps and skinny distorted jeans will give you a very smart and sweet silhouette.

Beneath the top

Layering helps to give new life to old clothing pieces, and hence you can easily wear the striped shirt below a colourful or printed tee. Finish this with a well fitted bottom wear and right pair of footwear for the most stunning demeanour ever.

Fit and fine formal attire

Get the perfect formal stance as you walk into office wearing the simple black and white formal shirt with a pencil skirt, lending you the effortless vibe you were striving for. You can go to a date night after office in this too, just with lace heels and some sleek accessories added.

Black adds power

For an urban classy look that anyone can pull off, pair a black-and-white striped shirt with an all-black outfit. Give the usual outfit a modern spin as you mix texture, like add the leather jacket on it as a layer. Also, stay in place by sticking to black accessories.

Overalls are back

The denim dungarees or overalls can be added to the black and white striped tee or shirt, and add the blanket scarf or the printed one around the neck to complete the look. This is a much updated take on the stripe tops, and the boots will add some smartness too.

Thus, check out your favourite retail store that gets spruced up by a leading cheap striped shirts manufacturer, and some fresh new stripe shirts and tees at the soonest.


Bored Of The Black and White Striped Shirts? Brand New Style Ideas For You

5 Polo Shirt Looks For Women That Will Win Hearts at A Glance

Women wear with polo shirts in the 70s were a sight to behold. The crisp superiority that they added to the appearance elevated their status and made them a staple in our wardrobe. However, something sinister happened to them. With all the popped collars and exuberant shades hurting the eyes, their demand fell strikingly. A few seasons back, their original form was reinstated by the polo enthusiasts. The latest renditions retain a major portion of the principal with only a little tweak made here and there.

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If you are planning to make them a staple in your wardrobe again, then you just got to add them, without any inhibition. Moreover, wear them correct, you are golden. Wear them carelessly, you will either end up looking cheesy or like a caddy (no offence). So thinking about how to wear them? Then this article is the right place for you. Here is given a few conventional and not-so-conventional ways of wearing a polo shirt that is manufactured by the best eggshell polo shirts supplier. Read on and make stellar appearances through and through.

  • Polo shirts when worn with a pair of jeans, the result is by default something that gets you complemented. But the leading role in this look is played by the shade. Same coloured polo shirt and jeans (we would strictly prefer black) can give you a very balanced appearance. Wear a pair of white trainers to break the monotony of the all-black look (if that is what you are going for). Also, make sure that the fit of both the polo and the jeans is crisp and clean for a better guise.

And following the above look which is perfect for a casual get going, you can also opt for a variation on this look which gives you more colour and vibrancy to add to your appearance. If confused, you can look up to the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, just FYI) for reference.

  • Pick a polo shirt in white that also comes in a perfect fit (for a more refined silhouette) and team it with a tailored blue jeans (coral blue being the ultimate shade of choice). No accessories to complement. A pair of pumps is all you need to set the world on fire. Humble yet effective!

However, if you want to break away from the norm of wearing a polo with denim, you can alter the bottom wear by replacing it with a skirt. Now, there are two different lengths you can opt for- a mini skirt or a knee length pencil skirt. For each, this is how you can dress.

  • For a mini skirt, make sure to pick one that enhances your stature and legs! Tuck your polo shirt, preferably in a cute print (for instance polka dots or narrow stripes). Wear a pair of loafers and use a statement belt for more definition to the guise.

  • The second skirt look uses a knee-length pencil skirt. Just like the above-mentioned look, tuck in your polo in the skirt, but this time, use solid neutral hues. Dark tones will work just fine. You can complete the look by choosing to wear a pair of heels for footwear.

Now the last look draws a summation between smart and casual. To get it correct, you have to understand that the polo shirt is the pilot of your look. So let it steer the look. How to do it? Here it goes.

  • Pick a skinny fit polo shirt in black and tuck it in a pair of slim fit trouser in the shade of cream. Use a pair of knee length boots and a statement belt, both in tan, to complement the look. This look is highly conventional in approach, which also focuses on giving you high-end 70s panache.

Thus, whichever look you choose, choose wisely. A nice polo shirt teamed with the correct bottom wear will definitely turn heads and get you some appreciating glances. Prominent manufacturers who showcase an entire range of wholesale polo shirts in their inventory are letting retailers purchase them in bulk at discounted prices.


5 Polo Shirt Looks For Women That Will Win Hearts at A Glance

Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways

Talking about the impactful items for men’s fashion, we cannot definitely deny the importance that the denim fabric has been surfacing since time immemorial. The iconic jean pant or the chambray shirt, a man’s wardrobe is incomplete and drab without the quintessential denim outfits. This rugged and acid washed material calls forth for a number of style ideas, and the denim shirts have been capable of facing the toughest fashion challenges. With the stereotypical edgy stance, they have survived the onslaughts of time. With the capability to be turned into a number of attires, in a myriad of ways, the denim shirts exude practicality, versatility and a raw style statement that is irreplaceable.

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The wholesale designers and manufacturers have come up with a variety of cuts, and styles of the conventional denim shirts, with modish twist. This menswear essential can be found in the vintage silhouette, to the oversized sloppy design, and a lot more to come to one’s rescue. A part of both casual and formal wear, the chambray shirts mark the return of the classic times. Thus, if you are wondering on how to be a pro in wearing the wholesale denim shirts, here are some style ideas to fall for.

Turn into a layer

The sleek simplicity of the denim shirts can be used replacing the grunge flannel shirt. Get the off duty look with the chambray shirt worn as a layer unbuttoned, over a single colored tee or even a shirt for casual occasions. The darker denim on the top with lighter one as your bottom wear is an effortless way to play on the casual and easy going vibes.

Go smarty-sassy this holiday

Who said that only women have the right to be all chic and sassy for the holidays? The go to piece in the form of a denim shirt will end up adding a very smarty stance to your demeanour. The well fitted denim shirt and chino short combo, worn with Converse, sandals or Havaianas, will always work for the spring or summer holidays.

The rocker Beckham style

David Beckham has been the non-official spokesperson for the chambray shirts it seems, as he has mostly seen clad in the denim shirts for casual occasions. This vintage piece has been mastered by him in uncaring and unique ways. He is known for his famous way of tucking the chambray shirt: half the shirt tucked into the waist leaving the other carelessly.

80’s hint: The air tie

Get the youthful and retro vibe with the age old denim shirt for the formal and social occasions. Go ahead with wearing them with the dress shirts, the air tie is worn with skinny suits, denim shirts buttoned up and tucked in works best with earthly, natural tones like khakis or brown leather watches and belts. This can definitely be your attire for the office parties or even to the weddings and engagements.

Suit up with modishness

Get the chivalrous charm with the right amount of prep for the date nights and even for the meetings in office as you suit up the denim shirts. Wear them below the lighter cottons and also heavy tweeds to get the right contrast of textures, and get the structured or unstructured silhouette depending upon the occasion.

Semi-formal ensemble

Get the perfect semi-formal ensemble with the cardigan with prints, or the leather jacket and end up looking perfect. Thus, make the denim shirt acts as the statement piece.

Thus, get the variety of shirts from the denim and flannel shirts wholesale distributors, and look hip and happening.


Men Can Swoon Over The Wholesale Denim Shirts in Different Stylish Ways

7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts

When in 16th century Scotland, the farmers started wearing the tartan plaid button ups, little did they know that the clothing piece would become so popular, and would retain their place for the next almost 4 centuries. With no fault in their creation, and much of their principal design being recollected, flannel shirts have become the most sought after piece of clothing in the fashion industry. But what makes flannel so popular? From farmers to cowboys, lumberjacks to grunge pop stars on stage, everyone loves them. So what is it about the flannel?

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To answer these questions, a few points have been summarized and given below. To know more, read on.

Dress up or dress down, works for all

Want to wear them plain and simple or team with a sleek leather jacket, flannel shirts can blend well with other outfits. And plus point, without much effort either.

Casual to formal, accepted just about every where

Yes, this is a point that needs to be highlighted. Tartan plaid flannel has a tendency to work well for most situations, be it wearing it in a conventional way or giving it the complete grunge approach. Match them with the correct outfits and the result will be stellar.

Oh, and the colours

Another factor that contributes towards the popularity of flannel is the wide variety of shades and textures they come in. black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, multiple colors incorporated together, you name it and wholesale flannel shirts have it all. The plaid is complemented by the perfect incorporation of the hues.

Comfort, you just name it

Have to beat the harsh cold winds, flannel shirts work well. Summer heat is bringing you down, flannel shirts are there to your rescue. So they are for all season and all weather. The use of quality fabric makes them a comfortable wear, lending a soft touch against your skin even when you wear them for a long period of time.

Grunge is legit

Remember the time when pop stars would wear flannel shirts to the stage? Yes, we all loved that. And when every old trend has been coming back, it only seems right that flannel shirts be brought back to the fashion circuit as well, making all those ruggedness legit again. Wait, but they are already back!

For a cooler appearance

Okay, without a shade of doubt, flannel shirts are imperturbable. Their ability to add that cool status quo to your appearance is unobstructed and will remain so for at least the next few decades! Wear them with a pair of jeans and you are done. Get ready to be complimented.

Easy on the pocket

Flannel shirts are easily available as they are in super demand right now. They are further easy on the pocket and doesn’t cause a fortune to buy. Added to that, their durability helps them endure constant wear and tear, giving them a long life. So cheap flannels in bulk can be found with reputed manufacturers at discounted prices, making them a noteworthy splurge.

Need say anything more? That covered all! So flannel-ing!

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7 Reasons Why We All Love The Good Old Flannel Shirts



Changing Trends In The Shirts Market: Confusion, Confusion For The Retailers

As the demand for custom apparels is surging higher by passing days, the trends in the shirts market is becoming kind of a blur, creating all sorts of confusion for the retailers, “what varieties should I wholesale?”

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Different customer groups have different styling needs. So no more does one particular variety of shirts monopolize the market demand in any given period. We have a crowd of fashion forwards who still march after men and womens denim shirts. Then there are groups who fan flannel shirts. And of course, the charm of crewneck sublimated tees exist among the casual-obsessed regardless the season.

Instead anything particular, a wide range of shirts is trending on the scene this summer.

If you’re a clothing business owner, much like everyone in the niche, you would be confused as well what varieties should you invest in? What varieties of shirts would your customers love and buy? The questions are even of higher importance if you’re limited in your budget and don’t want to wholesale shirts that are less likely to sell.

Sshhh… Listen to the customers

A rather simple solution to successfully simmer down this confusion is to actually be ears to all the specific needs and demands of the customers. If you know exactly what the customers want, what varieties do they prefer   do they want short sleeved denim shirt or full-sleeve button down shirts  you can easily make your wholesale purchase with more definiteness and assurance.

So take time in doing a local market research and understanding the demands of your customers.

Who are you buying your wholesale from?

Many of the top shirts manufacturers always keep their collection up-to-dated to reflect the latest market trends. Purchasing your bulk from them is always safe. To that, they also offer easy customization option, giving you a wide leeway to personalize your wholesale denim shirts and more according to the distinct needs of your customers.

So look around carefully for a renowned and reliable manufacturer and make your bulk purchase only from them.

Of course, in this fast-changing shirts market, you’re going to encounter a lot more challenges. Keep your head cool, be smart when making decisions and stick to the basics.


Changing Trends In The Shirts Market: Confusion, Confusion For The Retailers

Shirts Business Owners: 7 Instant Ways to Boost Your Sales

So you started a shirts business hoping to capitalize on the ever-so-booming market. However, upon entering the scene, it finally dawned on you that things are often exaggerated and that, to succeed, things are easier said than done. Only a few months back you were dreaming of big riches, but now you have settled yourself for marginal sale and revenue.

If that sounds even remotely like you, if you’re struggling with poor sale, we’re here to help.

Flannel Shirt Wholesale Supplier

Here are 7 instant ways for shirts business owners to double their sales:

Change your manufacturer– Yes, as big and tough as this decision really is, you should do it. Unless you do something exceptional, you’re going to get exactly what you’re getting right now. So for a major shake-up, change your shirts manufacturer. Look around carefully for a new, reputed and reliable wholesale dealer who highlights experience and large catalogue.

Wholesale flannel shirts– Much like last year, flannel shirts are the ‘it’ of this summer. They are trending and are in high demand. So above everything, if you don’t already have them in your warehouse, make your purchase for high-quality and stylish flannel shirt wholesale today.

Invest in Facebook advertising– Investing in Facebook advertisement is the easiest and quickest way to reach more number of potential customers. So if you’re not already leveraging on the largest social network platform, do it know. Pay to promote your business/shirts collection on Facebook.

Start blogging– Get serious about digital marketing and understand the real power of contents. Start blogging. Very cost-effective and easy way to connect with the target audience (and to rank better on search engines), blogging can help not only to boost your instant sale but also build lasting relationship with the potential and purchasing buyers.

Offer limited-time period discounts– Offering limited-time period, exclusive and additional discounts is known to easily boost the short-term sales by significant margin. So rethink over your pricing strategy and trigger the potential customers with lucrative discounts.

Narrow down your target audience– Instead of trying to target everyone, have a focused approach. Limit the number of your target audience groups. And then focus just on their individual needs and preferences with much higher attention.

Personalized your bulk carefully– Instead of purchasing the readymade wears from the manufacturers, take some time to customize your shirts wholesale. Know your customers’ need and requirements and personalize the bulk accordingly. Getting what they want, customers will by more from you, hence pushing your sales and revenue higher.

These are 7 instant ways to boost the dull sale of your shirts wholesale. Good luck!!!


Shirts Business Owners: 7 Instant Ways to Boost Your Sales